Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Getaway!

We traveled to Ocala again this weekend. The boys wanted to get out and get some fishing in over on the west coast!
On the way there, we saw a large Black Bear run across the road in the Ocala Forrest. It was an awesome sight, but also a little sad. A car was coming the other way, and of course, we were coming the opposite direction. Had he hesitated he would have been hit! It was a privilege to have the opportunity to see it!
We got in late Friday so the evening was spent getting caught up with Mom and Dad. Saturday was looking like it would be a washout for the fishing excursion, so that was scrapped until Sunday. The boys spent a better part of the morning doing some work for the business.
I on the other hand, loaded up Jayda and Mom...along with baby, and headed over to Griffin's my favorite store ever!
The children enjoyed the pool in between cloud bursts!

Unfortunately, every time I finally get the camera to take a picture of Jay with Aunt Jayne...he is crying. His eyes brighten and a smile always makes it's way across his face when she comes to visit! Jayne looks awesome in this picture, it is a shame Jay did not cooperate!
Then it was time for a bike ride!!!

This is my favorite picture of him in his bike seat!!!
Dad aired up the tires and went for a ride too!
Jayda was a running fool! She was fast as could be trying to keep up. We were waiting for her to go end over end running in these shoes. Luckily, she did not!

The boys had a fabulous morning greet them as they got out on the water at sunrise!

Unfortunately, there were no fish to speak of! Michael had a small flounder and Jay hooked up a huge rod bender but it broke free from the hook! They were all bummed because it was a huge Red Fish!

Once they were home and cleaned up, we had brunch. Dad is the BEST cook! He was fixing some breakfast meats out on the outdoor kitchen and awesome french toast inside. It was probably one of our favorite meals there so far!!!

Jacob is Dad's right hand man!

Then it was time to head on into the pool, look at baby Jay go! He hates hats!

Jayda loved being responsible for him in the pool! She was very careful with him!
Michael wanted to test out the life jacket and see how it would work. Baby didn't mind it at all!
We left late Sunday afternoon, only after another stop at Griffins! I wanted to make sure I had all the scrapping things I would need for the next couple weeks! Michael kindly obliged, and for that I am grateful!

Once home, we realized Dad had packed all the "leftovers" from the weekend and food we never got around to eating! I was super excited because I didn't have to think about dinner when I got home. I fixed a great meal from the extras!

Overall, we had another tremendous weekend full of memories! I am so glad we went! Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful visit! We appreciate everything!

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rairie said...

I want to go the next time! I am missing out on way too much fun. Getting new camera on Wed!

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