Thursday, July 31, 2008

Woo Hoo!

First of all...
He SLEPT!! All night!
Up at 7:45 am! woo hoo! I feel like a new woman.
I took a shower, I painted my toenails, heck...I plucked my eye brows! It was a miracle! Here's a pic to prove it. In my favorite black wedge heels!

Baby Jay visited the allergist today! His horrible rash was a reaction to the antibiotic I was on.
The elbow issue...quite possibly a bacterial infection! Yuck. Bacitracin should heal.
Eczema...and NOT allergies? WTH???? Well, it appears to me that the body can react adversely to foods with out it being allergic to it. That's our battle. Hit or miss, no set in stone answers.
Recheck Aug 18th with a follow up appointment. So hoping the antibiotic cream clears up the elbow. Otherwise, we have to make an appointment with the dermatologist and have a biopsy done.
So, 189.95 dollars later. No real answers, 8 pricks to the back {soy, milk, egg yolk, egg white, chocolate, wheat}, and more creams to add to the nighttime ritual!

He does not seem to mind in the least.....

I am thinking of getting my hair cut short...what do you think?
I am so tired of it...
It looks frazzled most of the time...LIKE ME!

Jay attacks life...and Jayda!

A friend of mine at All Moments Remembered Message Boards had a picture posted of her dear son who had a frog towel over his head after his was adorable! I told her so. That was over two months ago! Yesterday, I got this lovely dog towel and matching washcloth. Jay doesn't think it is so great yet! Hahaha
I used it tonight after his bath, but I have to rush him to the bed dry with one hand and slather with aquaphor with the other! But it is absolutely adorable...these were the best pictures of the bunch...he was fighting it!!!

Sneak Pic!

Sweet Jayda.

Jake's shoe is almost as big as his baby Brother!



rairie said...

Wait til I get there I will cut it. I love to cut your hair. Glad to see your toes polished!

angie worthington said...

your toenails look great and sporting a dress, too? jay looks so cute in the hooded sweet!...
;) a

Anonymous said...


I hope you don't mind my asking, but how much did it cost you to have Lance Armstrong come to your house to personally give baby Jay a ride?

My kids love Lance and they would be so thrilled to get the chance to ride on the back of his bike. Do you think he would travel to Cleveland?

jfrank said...

baby Jay is so darn cute!!!! Kieler didn't like the towel at first, but eventually he will!! Love the toe nails!! How you have time for everything you do I will never know!!!

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