Sunday, July 20, 2008

A day Away!

Friday night, we prepared for our weekend away in Ocala at my inlaws. Mom and Dad had dinner out with some friends of theirs on Friday evening and then it was with great anticipation that they waited for our arrival on Saturday morning. (Ok, I made that last part up...but it sounded good didn't it??)
Below you will see my precious little one's toes as he sleeps soundly in his crib! He spent a good portion in his crib Friday night, so that was good! I love how he puts his feet up on the slats of the crib to sleep. When he sleeps next to me, he will put his feet up on me. I guess this is what tricks his brain into thinking I am right next to him. I say whatever it takes!

He has been somewhat crabby as his two top teeth are making their way in! But, it was with great excitement that upon arrival at Grammy and grampy's house, there were no tears of fear and panic from Jay! YAY! He was full of big smiles and happy jibber.

Here you will see him bounding across the bed towards me as I snapped this picture! Such a busy boy and full of movement. Friday evening when I put him down in the dining room, he immediately headed straight away to the kitchen! It was at this moment he realized he can propell himself forward at a high rate of speed should he so choose so! Throughout the weekend, when you put him down, he would begin crawling very quickly away to do something he is not supposed to do. As he crawsl, he giggles and breathes heavy as he heads for the particular no no he has set his sights on!

jacob and Jayda played with their fuzzy bats and ball. When they lost interest...someone picked them up as his own!

He loves watching his brother and sister play!

Mix in the day a trip to Griffin' most favorite store of all time. Jacob went along this time and he liked it too!!!! Woo Hoo! Jayda played he granddaughterly ways and Grammy bought her a present there too!

Here's Jacob and Jayda enjoying the pool and Jay watching on, until his daddy takes him in!

Here they are at dusk swimming!

Go Baby Jay!!!

Sunday morning, we hate to have to pack up and get ready to go...but we must! Grammy enjoys Jay for a bit longer!
The baby loves to brush his own teeth and even loves it when I do it!
The men were all about fixing up a kayak trailer. This thing is absolutely amazing. Michael and Dad put their heads together and came up with this hot kayak trailer. Outstanding!!!

I turned around in the driveway and took this photograph across Mom and dad's yard. Isn't it beautiful???
Here we are back Jay is teething and crankilicious!

We had another fabulous time and memories to last a lifetime!
Thanks mom and dad!!!

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rairie said...

OMG what great pictures and videos...I swear there was room for a new kayak for me on the trailer!!

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