Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Teeth=Teething!?!

Ugh, nights are the worst! He refueses bedtime and laying down. Heck, he has been fighting naps too! It's a bunch of wiggling, which involves fussing because we won't let him get into the bad things he wants, which causes us to pick him up and remove him. Wiggling+fussing+picking up=lotsa spit up EVERYWHERE!
Hands in his mouth, rashes, clamping down on things and holding tight while he pulls them hard out of his mouth, chewing on his crib rail, chewing on his fingers, fussy, fussy, fussy are all signs of this life change he is going through. He is even taking a PACIFIER! Well, that's just to have something to chew on!
He is still our pride and joy despite the sleep we are not getting!

Michael and I were to go out to disappearing island in the intercoastal Saturday on our boat. That would have required me up at 6:30 am. Um, I don't think so. He was up and down and cranky all night! So instead, Michael pulled his boat out into the driveway and pretended he was captaining the 7 seas! Actually, he was running the motor, airing up the tires and general upkeep on the boat. I suppose it is all his hard work that keeps it looking so gorgeous!

Last night, we went to Daytona Beach. There was a BBQ festival on Beach Street. Well, we both had visions of booths set up with a bbq ccokoff, lotsa yummy smells in the air, good music, and fun. What we got were completely tattooed people, flea market type booths, and stands selling hotdogs. WTH???? So we left pretty much after I walked over and showed Michael my scrapbook store on Beach Street. We went on over to Ormond Beach and had dinner at TGIFridays. Then of course, Michael insisted he get dessert at Krispy Kreme! {Sorry Jayda, we know that is your favorite!}

Speaking of teething and teeth. Check out super baby in the bathtub!
How about them choppers? You will have to click on the pictures, as all pictures, in order to make it come alive!

After his bath, you will see he and I trying for a picture together. He only wanted my necklace!

Notice the yellow jammies in the previous photos.
In between those and the following, we had 5 spit ups that required a costume change!
Story of our lives! Plunked him in his high chair, gave him some cheerios and turned on a baby video for him. Desperate times called for desperate measures!!!!!

Well, that is about it for now.
Today on the agenda, Mike is off for a bike ride and I am going to, um, well, let's think, probably scrap! Check out my other blog for all the latest creations!
Blog ya later!

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