Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Excercise is BAD!

Hmmm...who would of thought exercise could be bad for you? I am living proof that exercise is NOT good!
A couple of months ago, I went on a walk with my friend. She and i had a fabulous time. We walked nearly 5 and a half miles.
Then, I got acute mastitis. Remember this? Sunday, Michael and I walked over to Marc's house{about 2 mile walk roundtrip} to check on the cat's. Monday I started to feel a stinging pain...OH BOY! Do I remember that pain!
I shrug it off but keep it in the back of my mind. They say your body can fight it. Let's try. Well, fast forward to today. I got up to fix dinner and I about tipped over from the excruciating pain!!!
I called my doctor and he called in a prescription. As it stands now, I have a pounding headache, my glands hurt, and I am crabby. I do not have fever and have started my first round of antibiotics. I am to take one every six hours.
That shouldn't be too tough...Jay is up like every two, so I am golden with the pill schedule!

Oh boy, the talent show at the library. It was really cute. We were the second family there, we wanted to make sure and be early. Good thing, we had front row seats! Jacob videoed the whole thing and I "tried" to take photos. baby Jay was in my lap so you can imagine how that went.
Can't quite imagine it? Let me help you visualize it!

Jayda did VERY well, and it took a lot of nerve to get up and do that! There were over 100 people there to watch 12 acts. Minus two-the lip syncing 4 year old and a karate kid backed out at the last second.

I felt bad I didn't get any good shots, but I sure got the whole video and it turned out fabulous! Once I get it uploaded to you tube, I will share some clips.

Once home, I took a picture of Jayda.
Oh, yeah I almost forgot...everyone got a really cute trophy!

baby Jay has begun to move around like the energizer bunny. He is pulling himself up as easily onto whatever he comes along and feels the need. The high chair, his toy box, my leg, the coffee table. Jacob was "watching" him in the front room this evening and he accidentally face planted it into the coffee table leg. He was hollering! He has a little bruise on his left forehead! Jacob felt horrible. It is one of many to come. He is busy!
His biggest most exciting trick is pulling up and then letting go and standing there. He usually has something in his hands and forgets what he is doing... and voila...he is standing!! hahaha

I've been extremely creative with the scrapping. I love it! I guess it is seeing the end product, but more importantly...the whole process! Check out my other blog if you haven't already been keeping up with it!

The other day, jayda was being silly about getting a picture. She never stands nicely it's always some silly position or face. This past weekend she was being particularly a big pain about it. I just said, "you wonder why i don't scrap you that often...you never let me take your picture." She stood still and gave me the cutest pose! hahaha

All right...blog ya later...my head hurts!

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