Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It appears that I had a huge smudge {aka baby jay's hand prints} on my camera lense. Every picture I took today is distorted!!!!! UGH!!!!
Oh well...
The first one is not smudgey...it is of my mothers flowers...they miss you mother!
Jake and i pulled some weeds that were taking over their mulched flower beds.
It appears that it was during this time that the smudges appeared. Oops!

Then it was off to Daytona Lagoon! Let the smudginess begin! It shows its ugly self in blurry photos!

There's Jayda!
Wouldn't it be great to be a kid today????

Every boy needs a DUMP TRUCK!

Every girl needs a mother like mine!!!!!!!!!
Every mom needs a baby like him!!!

Have to leave you with a good belly laugh for today! I love it!

That's all for now...blog ya later!

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rairie said...

OMG I loved it all. the best of course was my flowers starting to grow back. They better get busy I will be back to see them in 7 weeks. Guess you got your package.

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