Thursday, July 10, 2008

When the cat is gone, the mice party!

If you all started with a ficus tree...and he has been trying to get at this one for weeks. I hate these trees and can't wait til they go out for the garage sale! Jay loves to get his hands in the bottom stuff. He feels it and moves it around in his hands. He hasn't put it in his mouth yet. Odd. I am thinking he did when I wasn't looking and he learned it was yucky!!!

Does life get any better? Two kids with two forts!

Our day has been super crazy!
This morning I was up and boxed up a bunch of things I sold on Ebay! I love that sight!
Then it was off to the library for our Thursday class.
Rush home, get it together and rush off for my dentist appointment.
No cavities by the way.
{I love saying that! As a kid, dang it, I had a cavity almost every six months! I hated the dentist with a passion!!!! My dentist him! He does sedation dentistry. I tried that with my root canal 4 years ago. So lovin the gas! Shucks...sometimes I wish I had a cavity! hahahaha}
Come home and go to the post office.
Get home again and fix baby some food.
Drive Michael to the airport and home again!
Jayda was begging me to go out to dinner and jacob was scheming to go to his favorite lunch spot tomorrow instead of dinner out tonight. Exhaustion won out...I came home and fixed some mac and cheese for them and cereal for me!
Like Jayda says....
"While the cat is gone, the mice will party!" she cracks me up!
Dinner in the living room...yikes major rule breakage!
Camping out again tonight. TV and video games.
They are doing some laundry in between! So I haven't totally lost my parenting knack!
Baby Jay is being good!
Life is GOOD!

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