Monday, July 14, 2008


Baby Jay is getting very busy! He has a knack of knowing exactly what not to touch and desperately going full throttle for it. Take for instance cords...and teeny tiny scraps of paper...crumbs...someones dirty sock or shoe...outlets in the walls...basically anything that is a no no!
He was all over the place today crawling. For a few days he did the traditional crawl. Now he does three down and walks on his left foot. I suppose it helps to propel himself forward, thus reaching said no no object quicker and placing it in his mouth before I can "rescue" him from himself!
There was a bump, a cough, a little blood on his bib...don't know what happened, where he hurt himself...only that he appears to be in perfect health. Save for that bruise on his forehead when he was crawling up on Jacob to reach the wii remote and he tumbled over and bumped his head on the floor. Literally, turn your back for a second and you are in for it!
He has his sweet precious moments and these are some I will cling to forever!

I love having a bowl of cereal for a snack. baby Jay was VERY interested in what I was eating. He is becoming aware that what we eat and he eats are two different things. Although, he still loves his food!
He crawled over to "watch" me eat. I call it begging!
You dog owners out there will know exactly what I am talking about.

Ironically, this is EXACTLY where Stormie girl would sit and beg from her daddy!

You will see daddy videoing him "begging". When the video first starts, he is grabbing for a cheerio that was lodged under the couch! He will sip soy from my spoon gladly...but when I put it in his cup he makes the sourest face. So, I decided to go ahead and mix it with his oatmeal and he dry heaved and spit the food out of his mouth! No tricking this kid...he is smart. Sorry for poor quality. The camera does not do well inside at night!

Jacob and Jayda came back from their father's today. Jacob got his haircut and it is super short...a perfect summer cut!
His head looks big! I guess he has a lot of brains in there!
I was to the post office today to mail out some things I sold on ebay as I have been cleaning out my house. Afterwards, we stopped at Subway for lunch. The children were in heaven! I suppose that is it in a nutshell, a normal day. Jay ate, threw up, slept, threw up again, played, threw up some more, ate spaghetti with us for diner, and played some more...topping the night off by throwing up and having a stinky diaper all with in 5 minutes(Not necessarily in that order). Thank goodness daddy was home, it was good bonding time for them. hahahahah

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