Thursday, July 17, 2008

Houston...we have teeth!

I had a sneaking suspicion:
late nights
diaper rash
face a mess with rash
chewing everything
loose bowels

You betcha...we have two top teeth making their way in and he is just as happy as anything about that!

We had a class at the library today. It was arts and crafts. Jacob and Jayda made a key chain with beads and such! They turned out fabulously!

Afterwards, we stopped at the store. I stumbled upon two additions to baby Jay's favorite toy! I could not resist and had to pick it up!

Daddy's boy...not quite yet....
Most days he prefers to ignore him or when he is with him, he will fight to get back to me! When Daddy plays with him, he loves that, especially hide and seek/peek a boo games! If you happen to ask me though, deep down I can tell he adores his daddy!

I was over near the front door and baby came running over in his car...couldn't help getting a shot of him in the "good" light!

Here's a view into my world.
No Jayda can not have a hot dog. It wasn't even dinner time yet.
Jayda was being ignored at the end as well.
Gosh, she can be a Lady-BUG!

Here's where I found baby after finishing up my blog!!!

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rairie said...

Love Jacobs hair and the pic o the two is priceless. Two more months!

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