Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stuffing two tons in a one ton box

Well, as of yesterday, I had not posted. I am sorry for the delay...part laziness, part busy scrapping...biggest part baby Jay!

I know I keep saying how busy the baby is, but it is true. He is in constant motion and unfortunately his undeveloped muscles are not capable of handling every maneuver he makes. Thus, he is prone to tipping over. Often, this is onto the wood floor. He seems to take all direct hits to his right forehead. Gets right back up and keeps going!

He is lots of fun and never ceases to amaze us. I know, I know, who's child does not amaze them? Suppose I am just unable to be neutral!

Here he is chasing after my volleyball. He was playing roll the ball with Jayda. This one got away from him and he was going after it!

I had told you Jay was beginning to crawl. It is hard to photograph that very well, but I sure tried! Note the hind left foot up I spoke about earlier this week!

Stops to get a better look at what he is after....Jacob!
Off he goes again and he was moving quick!

Some days his eyes are crystal blue like the deepest seas...others they are slate.

Jacob got the bright idea to try and contort his body to fit in the toy box.

He failed miserably, but his sister fit in like a glove!

Jacob has such a great sense of humor and I love joking with him at times. He loves his hair cut off in the summer! He hates the actual act of the haircut, but enjoys the outcome!

Here you'll see baby Jay off and moving, as usual. Check out his elbow. He has eczema and has had this since about 1 month old. The spot directly on his elbow was first. I was concerned it was something YUCK and doctor reassured me it is simply eczema. In the last three has grown. He has tons of allergies to food... However, once we go in for 9 month visit, we must have some sort of cream to rid him of this! His little body is not ready for the heavy medications this often takes. As well, it is time to discuss with the doctor if seeing an allergist is the right avenue for him.
Look at him begin to pull up...won't be long and he will be running.

That's baby Jay...full of movement and fun!

Here's something to finish on for now!

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Anonymous said...

That kid looks like Quasimodo crawling!

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