Monday, July 28, 2008

Bite me!

Hahaha Just kidding.
But baby Jay bit me last night in the middle of the night as he was nursing...I flew up straight out of the bed with a few choice words that more than likely would get me evicted from blogger!
He was almost asleep himself and didn't realize it.
Now that his choppers are growing in and he is wanting to chew everything, I am careful!

I have been very busy creating with my scrapping materials! It seems everyday I am driven to complete one page. I just got fabulous news tonight that I won Layout of the Day over at Scrap in Style. Just to put it in perspective, there are 12,466 members on that sight! WOW! It is an honor to say the least! Check out my blog to see the winning layout!

Today was a good day, although Jay is totally struggling with his teeth, eczema, and well toddlerhood. Just one of those stages....wants everything he shouldn't have and is quick as a whip! baby Jay is the proud king of a new throne!

Highest rated in its class for safety according to consumer reports!

The children missed him this weekend and played with him forever when they got home!


rairie said...

Is it the only one...does that mean you have to move it car to car? Yuk. I am tired and going to bed. I cheated and ate popcorn tonight. Hugs

Rachel said...

I am trying to get caught up on my blogs to see what I missed while I was away! That is AWESOME about SiS!!! Congrats :)

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