Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Volleyball debut!

My big baby Jay! Here he was yesterday! The first three were taken with a flash. He was watching his brother and sister!

These were taken no flash. I love the no flash look, but it is tricky finding the right light in the house! Regardless, that is one happy baby! As well, you will notice him looking off in the distance...he is staring at his brother and sister!

The reason I did not blog last evening was due to the fact that I was at volleyball with Jayda. It was the neatest feeling watching my daughter excell at something I had such a fondness for as I was growing up! She has such a natural talent for it! She is just 10. She can serve correctly across the net! She can hit a down ball cross court! She can pass. She can set...but alas, I fear she will set like me. Not that great...hahah! Hey, that takes practice! Overall, from having been her first night and never truly playing the sport other than what I taught her in the living room {yikes!}, she did very well! Fun fun fun! Every Tuesday night is her volleyball clinic!

Now, what about baby Jay??? Daddy babysat. According to what I heard, the baby went down shortly after I left. He had his bath early before I left. I got a call at 9:47 asking if I was on my way home, "the baby has just woken up and it seems like he wants you." No crying no fussing, til I walked through the door and he saw me. Then all he wanted was me!!! hahaha

Earlier in the evening before I left, baby Jay started pulling up on furniture. Jayda was folding clothes and he wanted to see what was going on!

Today is a rather dull day, as I have housecleaning planned as I want it clean for the weekend!


rairie said...

Thank you for sharing. I am missing everyone so. The volleyball sounded great. Hope she enjoyed it as much as we would. Hugs to all.

Rachel said...

I have never been good at volleyball, but love watching the game! That's so exciting that Jayda has the same skills as you!

PS--to answer your question, my wedding pink is a bright raspberry kind of pink.

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