Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am supposed to be sleeping yet I am up late blog surfing! YIKES!

Here goes...our last few days:
We have spent time recouperating from our trip away this weekend. Wait, that has been me...YIKES!
Here's some cute going ons.

I am sure you are wondering where his clothes are...well, I can assure you he has vomitted on them...the usual since birth...only stinkier and goopier. What??? TMI{Too Much Info} as Jayda would say! YIKES!

He has all but quit rolling where he needs to go. He tries every way to get there. You are seeing some of his better moments! He has figured out if he gets up on his hands while sitting and puts weight all on hands, he can twist and plunk his butt down in the direction he wants to go. If he does not "feel" like doing the things necessary to get where he wants, he sits and cries. {And no mother, I do not put him where he wants to go! hahaha}

Baby Jay and I obviously got into something he was very allergic to this weekend. He had hives on hives, was oh-so-itchy, and overall a crankster! Poor baby...I have backed off of all foods and we are starting from square one again and eliminating what we think may have caused problems. Poor thing. YIKES!

Say good bye to baby baths! I bathed Jay Monday night and we both kissed the baby bath goodbye. Well, actually, he didn't kiss fact he didn't give it a passing thought, other than to perhaps pull it over to him to play with. He is all over the tub and we are going to get him something for the big tub to make it safer. Although, the only tried and true safety is being absolutely right there and not blinking even for an instant! YIKES!

He wouldn't look up at the camera for ANYTHING! It was all about him and all about his playing!
Three days ago, July 5th, my sweet, innocent, most precious, adorable child is no longer such! It is as if a switch went off in his brain that he indeed has his own free will, and quite frankly people...he is not afraid to use it! The trials, the exhaustion, the thrills are just beginning. Join me now, from here on out as I begin to tell of baby Jay's hijinx!
It occurred while being placed down for a nap saturday afternoon. By golly, he didn't want a he proceeds to let out a blood curdling scream that would wake the dead..or at least a room full of very hard of hearing people! This little trick he mustered up earlier that afternoon was used on his daddy at bathtime. When dad was dressing and applying the many many creams and lotions to babies skin, he let out a howling, hysterical scream because his father would not let him chew on the hydrocortisone bottle. Daddy says to mommy, "What in the world is this all about?" Mommy replies, "He started this afternoon when he was mad." Daddy says, "Well, you better do something about it. This is not ok." Mommy laughs inside...I better do something about it.
Fast forward to breakfast next morning, Mommy is not getting breakfast ready fast enough, "AAAAAAEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"! I clamped my hand over his mouth and I said, "NO! That is not okay. You will not do that." Now take a minute and imagine these eyes full wide open, trying to gather what I had done to him and why his noise had been muffled!?!

I removed my hand and repeated the words, "No, that is unacceptable." Baby Jay laughed. YIKES!
{Please note child was not hurt in any form, shape, or manner by mother placing hand over mouth. However, in the future...said child may get the wooden spoon on his bottom for such tomfoolery! Yikes!}

This is how daddy used to do his hair before he met mommy. YIKES! I am glad he went to the part on the side!

I was given a task to photograph baby Jay in his Purdue uniform. I had forgoten about it earlier in the day...and let's just say it did not go so well in thelate afternoon. I had the children help me set up the photo props. Just as I was dressing him, he vomited green beans all over his uniform. YIKES! Oh well, Jayda ran and got a towel and quickly smeared it down the jersey. Um, Thanks??? hahaha
There were two quick so so shots.

Then, it quickly took a turn for the worse. {Note more green beans on the chin. YIKES!}

On to other things...
I have been busy creating when I get a spare minute. Mom made fun of my inchies on my other blog. In my defense, others think it is the cat's meow! I am working on ATC cards. I am doing an alphabet swap. I picked Xx. I make 26 Xx cards and in turn I get the alphabet in return! I am also doing a 4 seasons swap. Summer is due the end of the month.

Mom called from Ocala this afternoon to tell me she missed us. I am thinking she is just being nice because we all but wore her out. Then again, it was Tuesday before she called! hahaha I am just kidding, she loved having us as much as we loved being there!

Jayda had volleyball practice again tonight. She improved even in a week! I think this may be her sport. She is going to be tall and skinny. I will take pictures next week! It's amazing watching her in knee pads hitting a down ball! I guess that's how dad's feel when they watch their boy play a sport they loved! How lucky for me to have those same kinds of feelings! I suppose I will appreciate how Mike feels with Jay one day. Unless of course, he takes up the violin. YIKES!

Mike had baby asleep the whole time we were gone. Lucky him. He is sleeping in the other room tonight because he said he "needs" a good nights sleep without being woken by the baby. I said, "You definitely should!" Completely understanding how he was feeling. Later, I asked him if tomorrow night I could do the same.
He looked at me funny.

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rairie said...

OMG I laughed so hard with the crawling, then there was the Purdue photo shoot, laughed harder, the final straw was you sleeping in the other room. Have you ever thought of Jay sleeping in his room and the both of you sleeping in your own room.

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