Monday, July 7, 2008


Day two of what must now seem like Mom and Dad's biggest culture shock. Having their son, daughter in law, 11 year old grandson, 10 year old granddaughter and 8 month old grandson invading their home and all running in different directions! hahaha Peggy was overheard several times saying, "my cheeks are hurting from smiling so much!", or "I am losing my voice from talking so much!" I guess that means she is having fun!
Needless to say, we all had an enjoyable time for our own reasons!

The day started early for the boys. Michael was the fishing fiend today! All in all when you lay out all the moments in a row, it was the best day they have had out on the water as a fishing threesome. When Michael recaps the weekend in his own mind, it will always go to the waters off of Yankeetown.

While they were gone, the "girls" and baby had a relaxing morning and then off to Griffin's most delightful store! I got some papers and a few things I had been wanting. We were anxious to get back and have lunch. {It seems all we did was look forward to the next meal! hahaha}
AHEM: Here is a little lookie seeeee, wonder for whom it could beeeeeeeeee?

Once the boat was cleaned up Michael joined the children in the pool to cool off with baby!

Jayda the good big sister! He loves being with her!

We had another great cookout Saturday night followed by some more sparkles, sprinklers, sparklers! Jayne's camera takes great pictures of sparklers! Check these out that she took.

Baby Jay off to the showers as another day winds down. This shower is a huge walk in shower! I was fully clothed and managed to stay dry...I want a shower like this! Time flew by so quickly!
Please be sure and scroll down to see all posts from the weekend! As well, I will continue to add video!

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rairie said...

I want to see the rest of that darn shower picture...Wow sounds like the best of days. Wonder if Peggy and Jay are rested up yet?

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