Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's been going on!?!

So much has many pictures to catch you back up!

This was baby Jay eating with us before we left for Ocala on Friday night! We were heading up there for the Labor day weekend and to celebrate Jayne, Peggy and Michael's Birthday. Respectfully, the 26, 28, and 30th.

The girls went to the scrapbook store and put our names in for a 1000 dollar drawing...we didn't win!

Michael and Jay went out fishing on Michael's birthday, and I can't think of any other way for Michael to spend the day! He caught two fish although the weather turned for the worse and cut their trip short.

Once home, we had dinner and then celebrated Mike's day with a carrot cake! YUM!

Make a wish! I bet Jay's wish was to get his hands in the cake!

It seems like our time in Ocala goes by so fast! We chased Jay around and around as he has gained some confidence in his walking, but not enough to be we were in constant fear of him falling on his face! Here he is just before we head out on the road for our trip home.

Jay is so curious! His hands are into everything(as I write he has wandered over to Jacob's video games and pulled out the controller and is pretending to be playing.) He is back the hall all the time! We have to close all doors as he has a fascination with the bedrooms. More than likely, it is due to all the things in there he is NOT to have! Jacob's room is his favorite!

Here are the two boys! Jay loves his brother and even more...his video game!

We have been awaiting the Turkey of hurricanes to come through!

If you look closely, you will see the four we have been having and awaiting. You'll also note Tiger Woods is going to have another baby. Also, Casey is out of Jail....again....and still no talk to the press to "help me find my baby" pleas. Um, I wonder if she killed her??? DUH!

Here is the current path of the Hurricane Ike that was to hit Florida a day or two ago, changing paths!

Jay loves to eat fruit! Loves loves it!!! banana, mango, ugly fruit, peaches, grapes, frozen grapes, you name it he loves it. Apples...he can't quite chew them up correctly, so he piles them in his mouth and never can imagine the scene as I slough his mouth out with my finger. The most that came out 9. So took that away, and put a slice of apple in this.

He loves to suck and chew on them....but alas...he!

Jacob had just finished mowing the lawn and we had gone out to look at the beautiful sky.

The Day Of The Great Shed Move!

Our neighbors had foreclosed on their home and offered us their shed as a lovely parting gift! We gladly accepted...yet if you ask Michael, not so gladly after doing it! Mike's Dad came down from Ocala with his mother, a trailer, and one handy Kubota!

After much landscaping and chainsawing(DAD WHERE WERE YOU! WE NEEDED YOUR HELP! LOL....Oh that's right you were in Vegas winning $$$$$$$$$), Michael had cleared a path from their yard to ours!

They managed to turn in a 90* angle and began pulling it painstakingly across the yards.

Back yard work is never complete without harrassment from the neighbors bulldog, boxer, and not shown in photo...a sharpee(SP?)/dalmation mix!

PVC Pipe, and plywood were the materials used, but they had to jack the building up each short pass to allow the PVC pipe to fit under...and then the Kubota pulled!

Finally, its in our yard!

Level and in place! 11 am - 7pm. NOW THAT WAS A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a shot of some of the landscaping!!! Or should I call it, cutting out the damn bushes the neighbors planted dead on the property line!!! Grrrrrrr...then they walk away from their home and we are left to care for them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some finishing touches on cleaning up the yard they dug up trying to move the shed out.

Mom and I spent the day playing with Jay and just talking. We had a lovely time and it was nice to relax in the house(only occasionally assisting). Of course mom was so worried she ruined my day. I don't think she realizes I love her to death yet!?!

Mother and dad, my parents, will be coming back to Florida from their PA home this coming Sunday! YAY!!!!
Dinner at my house, spaghetti and meatballs with some hot sausage! Be here or be square!!!! Eat and run if you like

Well, let's see if there is anything I forgot

Thursday, September 4 the baby became more a walker than a crawler. More confident in his steps and giggles at himself as he totters and then plops down on his buttski! He says dadadada all the time now. He also will call out to Jayda in a loud voice(like me as I usually need her to come help me with something) DAY DA he says! I never remember the other two being as vocal. He also signs very well when he is done. If you don't catch his drift, he will reach out at the speed of lightning as you try and force the last spoonful on him and swipe the spoon out of your hand. This always causes a large mess so I try and get it the first time he says it! Sometimes, he is too lazy to tell me with his hands and will simply squish the food back out of his mouth and down his chin!
Jayda enjoys school a lot.
Jacob is doing excellent at his new school and is a favorite of his teachers already. They were to decorate the cover of their geography notebook. The teacher gave a challenge to the children that she bet they couldn't draw a map with a pocket compass on it....well, Jacob loves to draw and he took up the challenge. First thing when he gets to geography class he sits down takes out his notebook and goes to the teacher and shows her. She tells him it is a wonderful job and he heads back to his seat. After the bell rings, she stands in front of the class and tells every one. Jacob Fantauzzi is my favorite student today! Check out his notebook she said! (I guess everyday she has a different favorite!) This reminded me of my mother as a teacher...she would have said something like this.
Now, Jacob's favorite teacher is Mr. Innis (and it rhymes with Venus). He is the advanced science teacher! Wait til jacob shows and tells you some of the things that Mr. I, as he has the kids call him, does in his're gonna like him too! Well, each week the children are given assignments and on the back of the assignments are brainteasers that can be completed by the family as a group(a way to get everyone involved in the schoolwork). This past week I couldn't get an easy one(in hind-sight). So in the morning before school I had Jacob take it back out of his folder and let me try again. It was PILF.
Well, lo and behold...Mike was late leaving for work. It was right when Jacob could leave for school. Mike will you take him? Yes. Good! Go jake go Jake get ready! But I forgot to give him his homework. I go to the grocery store....come home, put them away...start to clean the house. YIKES! There's jacob's homework! I literally got baby up from a nap and took it to his school. I went to the front desk and told the secretary the story about the word games for Mr.I and she said, Oh I hated those when my son brought that home! She understood. I also said, I would never have brought my son's homework to school...were it not my fault he didn't have it!
I also emailed his teacher to make sure he realized it was my fault and not jacob's fault he did not have his homework on his body
The teacher emailed me back:


Jacob is a positive and smart kid. We love having him on our team. The answer to the puzzle was Back-Flip. Some of the other ones you got were actually considered more difficult puzzles – heh. I hope you and your family has a safe and dry weekend.

Take care.

-Brian Innes"

I know jacob is a great student, but to see his teacher write these words...well I am sure you understand!
This past week I had to make two trips to the airport! Thursday I had to pick up marc's friend Ralph who is 82 years old. he had gone to Michigan to visit his daughters. While there, he managed to get a large blood clot in his calf. He was hospitalized for a week plus. He is better now. Well, i was to pick him up at 11:29am. I came home from dropping jacob off at a school and set the timer on the stove so I would not be late. Then I proceeded to kill time. Well, I get baby up from nap and put him in the car and I am, striaghtening out the car and I look at the clock. It says, 11:29!?! I had set the time for when i had to be there, not leave for there!!!
I almost messed my pants!!!! I never moved so fast, within the allowable speedlimit, to get there! He had to wait about 20 miniutes for me. YIKES!!! I am never late and I was sweating/panicking like you couldn't believe. He was there and fine and he was worried I had been in an accident! So, get him home and then I am almost late for picking Jayda up from school and then just in the nick of time get her! BUSY BUSY BUSY!
Next afternoon, after I pick jacob up from School, I have to head back to the airport to pick up marc from his stint in London! This trip was business as usual and no extraordinary circumstances!

This past wednesday I was out to the flea/farmers market and got some delicious tomatos, mango, avacado, apples, grapes, red onions, ugly fruit and some delightful treats in the flea circus. Key west post cards, joker cards, and a book of music! Imagine, one big huge grandmothers attic and you have the flea circus! Mother...not this wednesday...but next!
I may have to meet you out there cause Jacob gets dropped off at 8:30 am!
Forgive the recent non posting. When I had a few minutes here and there I have been creating in my scrap area! My blog is always chock full of goodies!

Here is a little more of what we are up to today...err...Michael is up to!

If you are wondering it is 94* and sweltering...look at him sweat!!! Poor guy, and not even complaining!

He is leveling it off and beginning to fix the ramp up to it! It was left in its original state so we are going to paint it white to match the house! It is adorable.
I wished we could run some electric out to it, and add A/C! It would be my scrapping haven.
Then again, I would not want to be so disjointed from my family! I love having Jacob and Jayda nearby and Michael too! Baby Jay goes whereever he wants and is free to explore as well! he is always right around my feet! Afterall, I couldn't have fabricated a better family for me if a genie were to grant me 3 wishes!

Blog ya later!


rairie said...

Well let me be the first to let you know how much I have missed you daily. I am glad to be caught up at last. I love the shed but what a job. You go Michael! See you in a week!

angie worthington said...

wow, what an update!!!! guys have been busy & having know, baby jay is so stinkin' cute!!!....

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