Thursday, September 25, 2008

Packed full of fun!

I must warn you right up front this is heavy heavy heavy with pictures! We sure did pack alot of excitement in one day!
My day started early...4 am to be exact. For some reason jay is going to bed at 8 pm and waking at 4 am ready to attack the world.
Round about 530 am we fall back asleep only to have Jayda's alarm clock wake us a little after 6 am.
Jay wakes up about 715 am and then I am up and get Jayda off to school at 7:35 am.
Let me tell you what a shocker it was to open the garage door this morning and have the cold air hit me like a ton of bricks! It was really chilly this morning. How awesome was that? I mean like I felt an extra bounce in my step and I was wide eyed and bushy tailed all due to the cooler air!
I LOVE LOVE fall! It is my favorite time of year...although we do not get many fall changes here in Florida. I love the cooler weather, the warmer clothes, and an overall sense of relief as the sweltering humidity lightens up!
Don't get too excited for 10:30 am it was hot hot hot!

Yesterday, we were at the store and I bought jacob a bike helmet and a lock for his bike! He rode his bike to school today!!! 1.6 miles! He loved the freedom and he did a wonderful job! He is growing up so quickly! It makes it so nice to not have to get in the car twice in the afternoon to pick him up! I am so loving having our schools so close to home!
Here he is, getting ready to take off this morning!

I rode to the end of the street with him to where the sidewalk starts, about .4 miles. Jay rode on the back of the bike with me. It was so chilly I had to put this sweatsuit on him! He had a ball and by the time we were on our way home he was heard saying, "vroooommm" behind me!
He is so so busy! I try and take a photo of him and all he does is move. He is the epitomy of "blur"!
Later this morning, while Jay napped, I created this for Great Grandpa Red! He loves receiving pics of the baby and they are contained in this mini album! You can see more of this on my scrapping blog.
About 3:55 I headed out to watch for jacob. As soon as I got outside, I could see him far off in the distance! I zoomed the camera in to watch him make his way on home!

He was all smiles as he pulled on up into the driveway!

There's my Jacob! So grown up and getting more and more handsome!
Jayda and Jay watched with me as jacob rode n home. jayda is all teeth when she smiles....hmmm!
Jacob got cleaned up early and was ready to head over to Jayda's first ever chorus concert! Like i said, he is getting so handsome!

I fixed pulled pork sandwiches for dinner! We also had baked beans, tater tots, and cole slaw! I absolutely scored on this meal! It was my first time ever making it and I have sooooo been craving this! It is definitely a family favorite and going into the monthly meal plan! Mommom came over about 5:30 pm to go to jayda's chorus program with us! She looked amazing and has lost so much weight! She looked fabulous! I on the other hand looked bedraggled ....refer to the second paragraph of this post if you are wondering why! I even got a bleach stain on my shirt as I was fixing dinner and I refused to go and change! hahahaha I need a complete makeover...but that is a whole other post!

Again my mother and children looked fabulous!

Here we were at the school! We arrived a smidge early and it was already the time it started it was standing room only!
Jay would have preferred to be home napping, can you tell?
Jayda sang wonderfully! She loves chorus and it shows!!!!!

She totally got into it in the last song...forgive the videography on the second one, Michael was in charge as baby only wanted me!
Jayda puts a little love in all our hearts!!!

More exciting news...My parents have sold their house! Well, almost...the people are wanting in by the 31 of October! They just sold their house and want my parents house! I am so excited for my parents! In this market, in a small small town, with the economy as it is...they are so very lucky! Mind you it is a gorgeous home, so it is no wonder!

I can't believe it!!!!
My childhood home:

Picture from my mother...thanks MOM!

Jay was baaaaing like a sheep today. The other day my mother made the noise while reading a book to him and he picked up and ran for me, the noise scared him! Now, he is making the noise...cute!

Well, if you made it this far, your name must be Peggy because no one else could stand all my jibber jabber!

Tomorrow we make our pilgrimage to Ocala! Mike, Dad and jayda are looking forward to a fishing trip. I am looking forward to Griffin's! Mom is looking forward to Baby Jay. jacob is probably looking forward to the pool and well...all the good food! baby Jay is looking forward to wrecking havoc at Grammy and Grampys!

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rairie said...

Hey Peggy...I made it to the end too. It is fun to know we share the same family. They are great aren't they? We are allowed to be prejudiced.

Jessica hug Peggy and Jay for me and don't forget Jaynes card! Thanks

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