Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun stuff!

Sgetti Boy!!!

Now how stinkin' cute is this rub a dub dub baby in the tub???????????
How can you just choose one of these???

Jayda had open house tonight. We learned a lot of information tonight and I like her teacher. I am looking forward to this year!

Here is jayda with two of her friends...Lizzy(L) and Tatum(C).

Here's what I have been creating...they were quick layouts...the two completed in under an hour! YAY!

[url=http://www.mycoolsigns.net/flickr][img]http://www.mycoolsigns.net/img/flickr/sd2eejessicamae3.jpg"%20alt="jessicamae3[/img][/url] Made with [b][url=http://www.mycoolsigns.net/]My Cool Signs.Net[/url][/b]

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