Saturday, September 13, 2008

So much fun!

In light of a recent news in the scrapping world, I am holding my family all a little nearer and dearer!

Such a sweet little boy! He was a little sleepy and I put him here for a moment while I did a chore or two. He just sat with this sweet look on his face, so I had to get the camera...imagine?!? LOL
Then of course, the sweetness wore off straight away and he was over and destroyed jake's video game box and basically caused a riot in there!

Here he is cruising now!

Jay's new toys!

Wanna see what's under the hood???????

Michael is still working on the shed! Can you believe it? It is really coming together nicely! Friday night after work he went out and finished strapping it down and caulked the nails and seams. Today he cut away the edges with paint and is getting ready to put the first coat on.

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