Monday, September 15, 2008

Inspire Me Monday!

From here on out, Mondays are going to be Inspire Me Mondays! Could be someone famous, could be my friends, could be my family, could be someone I have never met! Lately, I have been inspired to create, to live, to encourage, to be a productive citizen of society! You see, there are so many ordinary people who do extraordinary things! It is my goal to share their stories. But most importantly, to live a life myself that is extra-ordinary!

Here is a little ATC I made today for a dear friend. (Click on pic for clearer detail!)

Chartreuse Cardstock
Sticky Bubble Wrap over lay from my mother's new pressure cleaner(yes, more garbage!)
sakura glaze black pen
aqua stickles
thickers "u"

The highlight of my Monday was stumbling across this wonderful mother named Nichole on Scrap In Style TV, a scrapbookers dream of a website! I was scrolling through the gallery looking at amazing layouts in scrapbooks. When this one post made me stop and yearn to find out more....why were they all sitting in the hospital waiting room...who were they waiting on....what were they going through....and why? I went to her blog link and began reading.
You will find her story as you scroll down through her blog, make sure and see all the cute baby pictures and read about his hyjinx! But this is the post where I clicked on this article that touched my soul. Amazing story!
Why did she make such an impact? Perhaps it was the fact that her little baby is doing exactly what my little baby is doing or it could be for the simple fact that one mother can completely feel for another mother having never met ever before! It is one word that connects us together....MOTHER.
Please stop by her website. You will see along the left side of the blog that YOU can help! Even if you can not leave anything monetary...please leave her a few encouraging words! For you see, she has touched my heart and inspired me beyond imagination today. I hope she has for you also!
Look how cute their little Jackson is!!!

Of course, no post would be complete with out this little boy, Jay...born on a Monday and definitely an inspiration to me! Check out my little lion cub at 10 months!

This is his Halloween getup! Just trying it on for size...just fits now...what will two months from now hold!? Probably not his little buttski! LOL

Dedicated to Aleida, a scrapbooker, wife, and mother of two young children!


Jingle said...

Jess! You are hilarious! Love the monkeys! Oh...and the ATC, too! LOL! Your lion cub is quite adorable, but take lots of pics now because I'm betting you'll be buying a new, bigger costume for that night!

Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Cute ATC. Love the pictures of Jay. He's so adorable and the picture in the lion cub outfit is just too cute.

Nichole said...

You would be amazed at what you would do for your children. As a mother we step beyond the ralms of normal.

My faith continues to grow as I grow with my babe. thank you so much for sharing with your friends about Jackson's benefit too.

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