Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6th Grade Open House!

Last night I attended Jacob's Open House for Middle School.
Let me just tell you how much education has changed since you and I were in Middle School. These teachers totally rock out these classes! They are hip...fun...action packed...exploratory...and the teachers are so "on" when it comes to educating the children of the future!
There was music, "big idea" questions, fun fillers to keep them focused and on task. I was greatly impressed! Did I say that already!?! Jacob's 5Th and 6Th period classes-science and geography-respectfully are so incredibly fun...I want to go back to middle school! I want to learn world Geography! They earn Star Bucks towards prizes for behavior, going above and beyond, and for good grades. They can use these bucks to buy things!
Over all, Jacob's first class of the day is PE. That is perfect for him, before the day heats up. Then it is off to Reading. Great! His mind has been awakened by PE and he can get his least favorite class out of the way! Then it is off to his Mentoring class, where his teacher keeps open lines of communication with the children through fun activities to get them to come out of their shells and also problem solve. This teacher is a Star Wars die hard...like goes to the expos and everything! He even dresses up and has a star wars alter ego name! Jacob likes this class!
Then it is off to 3rd period for advanced Math. This is actually a 7Th grade math class for 6th graders who are moving at a quicker pace. Jacob says he is doing well in the class. The teacher told us it is tough. She warned us to not expect perfect grades from the children as she is pushing them to their limits mathematically. This is a pre algebra class. next year he will have algebra.(For those of you wondering...I had pre algebra in 8Th grade!) WOW! I know his teacher from years ago. We went to the same church! She is a sweet lady and i was happy to see Jacob has her for class!
4th period is his elective class. He has elected to have intro to technology which offers keyboarding, power point, excel etc. Jacob is flying through his keyboarding and showed off his skills last night! My typing teacher in high school let me look at keys so I never learned to type correctly. But, I can type quickly, I just look at the keys! I could never be a transcriptionist... Now Jake's teacher for computers is an odd older creature. Reminded me of my computer teacher in 7Th grade. He however, was bashing government last night as they had to cut air every night in order to offset the high cost of tax cuts. Unfortunately, all tax cuts immediately and directly affect schools here in FL. As a matter of fact, they often try and say that funds from the lottery will go to school...but they always cut us out of that too. It was a little uncomfortable listening to him gripe. LOL Jacob says he is tough, but you have to be with 6Th grade typers! The kids know the rules and follow them...to me, that is a good teacher!
5Th period was science with "Mr. I, the science guy"! I am thrilled Jacob has him. It is an advanced science class which means Jacob will go deeper and also be responsible for a "science project". His teacher was a masters of math grad and had taught at the college level. Then he moved into middle school and could not use his "twisted sense of humor" while teaching the children math and became frustrated at the lower level of these students. So, transitioning into science was perfect for him, or so he told us. "Science is cool...you get to play with bugs, and fire, and experiments, and ..." I really liked him and understand why Jacob does too!
He had hair pulled back in a pony tail that reached the middle of his back! Jacob never mentioned this to me! Jacob just saw through the outside and only saw an awesome teacher! he has never talked about school with me as much as he does now! The people, the teachers, the activities...he loves it!
Moving on to 6Th period. Geography! Let's just say America would be in a whole better place if every person had to go through this class to learn world geography! This teacher is amazing! From one teacher about another, I was impressed!
On to 7Th period for language Arts. This was a little bit of a let down from the last two classes, but I am sure it is a good wind down class for Jacob!
I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the schools in the area! I was so fearful at first, but my fears have all but been squelched!
The teachers could not believe the turnout in parents this year. they commented that they have not had this many parents and family members(which all family members were invited to attend)attend. This was also coupled with comment after comment on the excellent behavior of the students in general. They had commented that this year was one of the best ever behavior wise!
I met Jacob's friend Jose last night! He is such a nice child! His mother is equally kind! Jose wears the coolest pair of glasses I have ever seen. I told his mother what a kind child she had. I told her my son did not know anyone when he came to this school and Jose was the first child to befriend him at lunch!

I ran into a family of a little girl named Haley. She went to church with my children when she was 4. I had a couple kids here to the house three times a week to a little "preschool" I was doing with my own two. We said the pledge every day, read stories, did puppet shows, memorized nursery rhymes, learned letters, and even had a snack that went along with that letter! We always ended the three hours by free play! They all loved it! I had been asking Jacob if he had a girl named Haley in his class. He said I don't know. She was in 4 of his classes!!!! She was so shy back then, but is so cute today! Her mother works in the office at jayda's school!

It's nice to be connected into the neighborhood schools. However, had I not been at home like I am now, it would have been extremely difficult to get the children to and from school! Baby jay continues to be such a blessing in disguise!!!!

No pictures, I forgot my camera. Jacob was disappointed and wished I had brought it. I must say, no one else had their cameras.......hahahaha

I am planning on volunteering at Jacob's school...if Mommom would babysit once in awhile for an hour or two???!!!

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rairie said...

Maybe if I get the right kind of pay...loved hearing about Jakes school..and middle school in general...it really is the time of a kids life. We love middle school!

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