Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Update...UPDATE!

Daddy got Jay all geared up for the big game Saturday. They were playing so well, and then the Boilermakers gave it away!

Grammy Carter got Jay this cute cute lamb. He found it this morning on his crib side table and he has not let go of it yet! He carries it around in his mouth by it's nose.
The shed is almost complete! Michael called me out to look at it this afternoon. He has spent over 30 plus hours prepping to move it, move it, paint it, strap it down, hang peg boards, and it still needs one more coat of paint! But we have a place for all our "stuff" now!

This morning I headed out to the grocery store at the break of dawn to avoid the madhouse later! Good choice!!! Came home and cleaned the house, for the second week in a row. Life must be evening out a little with the small fry! Tonight my parents are coming for dinner! YAY! I just got a call from them, they are home! They stopped to get gas and it is up to 3.99 a gallon. I paid 2.75 yesterday morning. It's steadily climbing! UGH!
In the meantime, meatballs are made and in their crock. Hot sausage is made and is in it's crock. It is 2:00 and enjoying a relaxing afternoon!
Michael just headed out to get a baby gate for the kitchen...the baby got his ankle caught under the cupboard and almost cut his it is time! Thank goodness, he has been driving me batty in the kitchen!
Michael got my bike ready for my dad again. He has been borrowing it since I don't ride yet. He greased up every link in the chain, adjusted the breaks, wiped it down, and put an odometer on it! If my dad doesn't love Michael as it is...he will be over the moon with this latest news!

Here is the new gate! YAY! Michael is such a dependable and prompt husband! I love that about him! I ask him to do something when he gets a chance and the next time I turn around....there he is going at it fixing, getting, working on whatever I asked! Yes, one of the best things about Michael!

Wouldn't you just know it...Papa is one of his favorites! Sorry Mommom! Although, he and mother had a fabulous time playing with each other in his high chair! Jay was a little grumpy when Mommom and Papa arrived! He was leary and cried a little and then warmed up. Papa has a way of laughing and pointing at whatever it is that tickles him. Sure enough, Jay picked up on this and was pointing and laughing at Papa! It was adorable.

Poor little Jay doesn't know to mind his manners yet. After dinner...yes Spaghetti... he was wandering around and passed gas soooo loud, then looked at everyone and laughed! He wandered around and played and showed off his recent accomplishments and then had to say goodbye as my parents had groceries and unpacking to still do!

Here are some shots of Papa and Jay.

Yet, another task I had asked Michael to do was put air in the tires of the new jog stroller I got for baby this weekend. Or did I get it for me! Just as soon as I am done nursing...
Then it was out front to check out the beautiful full moon that was still low in the evening sky. Michael has a beautiful smile...I just caught him off guard!


Hold extra tight to your loved ones...enjoy every moment!

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