Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Funday

The melts my heart regardless the day of the week.

Which, speaking of, this baby when told no will look over his shoulder and beam this most adorable smile at you and look you dead square in the eyeballs. I have to look away because it makes me laugh! Consider yourself warned.....when I tell him no and he flashes you this smile...DO NOT LAUGH! Or I will send him to live with you!

Who loves Guacamole??? (SP???) I love it and the Florida avocados are HUGE! I have enjoyed every second of this, regardless how my breath smells!
OK, Baby Jay curiosity at it's best. He got under the table and had the hardest time figuring out how to get out!

Dad, remember how we used to spend hours cutting down things in my yard together? Remember how many times you fixed a chainsaw? I am sure you can empathize with Michael.
I won't tell you how MAD Michael is that the yard waste guys refused to take his yard waste? They said they are too heavy. (Which by the way, I felt them, I think they are too.) Michael has said he is throwing them on the back of his truck and taking them off to the woods himself to get rid of!

baby jay loves the jack in the Box...but he is not as brave as you would like to think he is!

My little Linus:

Blog ya Later!

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rairie said...

Rolled on the floor laughing about the baby running away from the Jack in the Box. He knows what part of the song comes before the noise! I am excited it is Monday. Love ya

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