Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Half the week underway!

Baby Jay loves this foot rest that my grandmother and grandfather created together. It was a moment like this that brought sorrow to my heart. They will never have a chance to know this special little boy! Yet, also complete joy that something they created is enjoyed even today...many years later!
Jay has figured out how to use this stool! This can only lead to climbing trouble. But a cute moment caught on film.

This picture below...not a pretty picture of our living room...Jay is laying on his face on the rug just out of the cameras view! He falls pretty athletically so there is not bumping/bruising/crying.
I plunked him right back up on it and finally got the shot I had been wanting!!!!

Below you will catch a glimpse of the activity that I over see all day!

Tom and Jerry have nothing on this cat and mouse game!!!
Yes, that is my mouse from my laptop he has by the tail!
Then, of course, the no no's in the kitchen all pose for fun moments!

Today is Wednesday and no farmers market for me!!!! YIKES! Well, I have some more fruit and veggies from last week. Also, mother and dad come home this weekend so I can go with her next week! Save my money!

Mark your calendars! September 25th(Uncle Bryan's Birthday) is Jayda's first chorus presentation. It will be at the school's Ice Cream Social! She is all but peeing her pants! She can not wait!

Monday jacob has to have his science project picked out! I suggested The Yeast Beast that requires two bananas viewed over four days. It shows how yeast feeds on other things to live as it does not make its own chlorophyll. Anyone have a better idea?

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You are the sweetest person in the world and I am glad I made you.

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