Monday, September 22, 2008

Inspire Me Monday!

Today's inspiration comes in the form of complete and utter delight to the senses!
You'll have to check out this sight! It is absolutely delightful with some really great foodie finds!
I love love love this sight!
I was so inspired when I was here last week I made the chocolate chip cookies and they are to die for!!!!!!
Here's a pic of what I am talking about from her sight that she photographed:

So my Monday inspiration is FOOD!
Thanks Dawn in Cape Cod for making my stomach so happy!

Speaking of food...I made a chocolate creme cake using my late grandmother's recipe given to her by her sister many years ago! I will let you know how it is tomorrow!
The cake is for our friend Marc's birthday. Unfortunately for him, he is passing a kidney stone...or in the process of starting this! Poor thing...Happy Birthday to you!

No entry is complete without a picture of my sweet, sweet inspiration wrapped in a little boy's body! Here you will see him admiring his favorite thing ever...the windchime I have hanging in the living room{It was from my grandfather's funeral}. I absolutely love the sound of a windchime and so does Jay!


rairie said...

What a precious picture of Jay...and oh the darn cookies. Wouldn't Grampy have loved to tease Jay!!!

Rachel said...

Those do look yummy!! Glad I could pass on such a yummy site :)

Anonymous said...


I finally found a place to leave a message, thanks to you.

The kids all look so good. When did Jay start walking? Both your son and John Carter's son walked so early. Sam was 5 days shy of 14months and Jack was 28 months. We don't break many records in this house.

Hope all is well with everyone. We're not sure that we will make the keys this holiday. We have Alex's wedding and Sam's college to consider. As of now, Alex is getting married July 18th, 2009 or the summer of 2010. Save the date. Ha! Ha! Take care, Susan

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