Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nothing Clever Life as usual!

Must be teething...up every hour last night! Needless to say I was a bit groggy when I woke this morning! I was even grumpy!
I was feeding Jay breakfast a few minutes after waking and he was cracking me up! He grabs the spoon with his teeth and growls like a lion and shakes his head up and down and leaning forward....cracked me up so much and was laughing right out of my morning grumps!
Clipped some coupons and headed to the grocery store...why does it seem like a .35 coupon is useless on a 156.00 grocery bill??? LOL Oh well, I suppose I felt like I was doing the right thing with coupons! I did get some Gerber graduate snacks for the baby. I imagine cheerios may be a little bit boring day after day!

He choked on these stars...oops! Could be because he has a habit of sticking handfuls of food in there!

I have been so into my scrapbooking lately! It is a fun way to sneak away for a bit while the baby is sleeping!

Today, Michael and I have been trying to catch him...he is busy!

This photo below gies a whole new meaning to dunce!!! haha

Dinner tonight at my parents! Loving that! We always enjoy our visit over there. Jay has certain places where he is and is not allowed at their house. We just say no....and believe it or not he listens. Then again, I haven't met man or beast who does not listen to my mother!

Have a great day!

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Chimene said...

What an adorable pictures!! He is a real sweety!!!!!

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog:)

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