Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My husband "scrapped"

Ok, so we have been having some issues with Jayda's ability to remember to wash her hands at pertinent times...like prior to dinner or putting away dishes from dish washer.
I am first to announce she has become much better at this upon our parental prodding...but I couldn't help laughing when michael created this "layout!"

He says to me..."I scrapped, and its in 3D!"

He makes me laugh everyday...even Jayda laughed at this one!
I mean seriously...how funny was this?
She really says to me, "do you wanna smell?" Cause we use nice smelling soaps! hehhahahahahaha
Okay I am cracking up.


Anonymous said...

What the @%&# were you doing up at 2:14am. That is the posting time for this blog. You are nuts! My mom has been telling me all about your projects and supplies. Can't wait to see everything for myself. Cole had a cavity filled yesterday. How did I ever let him get a cavity???? He was wonderful at the dentist. They said he was welcome back anytime. Hopefully we won't have a reason to go. Love Mike's scrappin. Pretty impressive! See you soon, Amy

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Mom

rairie said...

Oh yes you are a contagious person you get everyone onto projects! I love Mikes effort and it was so Jayda. hugs. I am officically moved the beds are made!

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