Monday, February 23, 2009

Hats, caps, and pitches

Just Jay...just full of life. If you could hear this was full of "cheez". He loves the camera...I forgot about the sports setting on my takes quick sequential photos that allow for the movement of the subject...I really need to use that more.

Opening day at the park. The children were with their dad this weekend so he was on baseball duty. Although we made it over for the ball game.
Jay was oh so not real happy about sitting for so is going to be a long season.
Jacob caught, pitched, played first. It was just a game for show and only lasted an hour.
Baseball is gearing up and we are back in the swing of it!

This weekend flew by! We had dinner at my parents Saturday night. Delicious! We had dinner in the new house for the first time! Fun!
Last night Michael and I watched the movie called Taken. Somehow Marc's girlfriend got a hold of this video on dvd that we are not sure how they got it because it is not released on dvd yet. ??????? Who knows but that movie is so action packed and very cool!
Here it is Monday morning and we are looking forward to girl scouts and baseball practice today!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

What handsome boys!!!! Fun to see them both in action. Mom

rairie said...

Back to baseball. I guess tomorrow is the beginning of the real season. Jay with the visor is great!

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