Saturday, February 21, 2009

What jail must be like...

Seriously...he's really upset, stuck, can't figure out how he got himself in to get himself out!
He was trying to get his wiffle ball that rolled under the table.
Did his mother help him? No she ran for her camera.
Isn't that what any loving mother does!?!

Story time Friday morning
I mean seriously, I teach could not pay me enough money to read two children's books to my class in a row. What makes anyone think they can read 3 books in a row to children between the ages of 12 months and 2.5 years??? SERIOUSLY....haven't they heard of shaking the sillies out, or head shoulder knees and toes, heck I would have settled for if your happy and you know it in between each story!!! Would it have been wrong if I stopped them and showed them how to do it??? Worse case...there was a younger girl in her 20s there today....all i could think of was she was there on internship from university and THIS WAS HER EXAMPLE.

Well, first off, Jay could have cared less that they were reading stories...he was busy looking at everyone.
Then that girl, you know the one...really obnoxious and the mother is all kissing on her and smiling at everyone that is giving her dirty looks because she is interrupting the story and encouraging her monster child to behave inappropriately... She literally had no idea the behavior her child was expressing was WRONG!

Hmmmph....just think I could be teaching that child and trying to reverse all of the damage her mother created. "Hands to yourself, please don't interrupt, wait your turn, please wait til I give the direction, AACCCKKK!

Maybe I am most irritated because I swear to you Jay watched every second of it, and next time HE IS GOING TO TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of teaching, I had to let my county and school know what my intentions were for the year 2009-2010 in regards to returning to work. Guess who has to bite the bullet and head back to the classroom...
Unless of course, Michael's business takes off, he gets another job, or we win the lottery.

Yup, looks like I will be clipping the old name tag back on and saying, "hands to yourself, please be a good friend, Please do not interrupt...
Please let there be a way that I can stay home a little longer with my baby...I had later in life...and promised myself I would be there for him......cause well, who else is going to watch his every move so he does not climb up on a table and pour out all the pepper..........
or lift off the chair he has jailed himself in.


rairie said...

You forget that you do enjoy teaching because you were born to do it and children everywhere deserve to learn from you. Jay will be fine without you...he has you everyday and you will be his teacher forever...however it is always hard to start back. You were only 9 months when I had to go back and look how great you turned out!!! Love Mother Dearest!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you restrained yourself at the library session. What will power!! So sorry about the circumstances, but those children will certainly COME OUT AHEAD next school year with you in their lives. Love you..Mom

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