Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whirlwind week...

All day yesterday, I thought it was Thursday. Some may say it was confusion...I say it was WISHFUL THINKING!!!!!!!!!! That would have made today Friday. I have not been this tired in so long...although today was easier to get up that yesterday was....
Maybe it is because I think today is Friday!
Let me know what you think?!

On a side note. I love garden gnomes. So, if you see any, I want one or two. You know like your neighbor has in their yard? Oh, I am not condoning stealing one of theirs though. Although in this new era of "fairness" perhaps they should just give it to you to give to me. After all, they should not have something better than I do...even if they worked hard to shop for it and lovingly place it in their own yard! I bet they are on sale now or will be after labor day weekend. So maybe I will look for one at the garden center. After all, I will be getting my first paycheck in over 2 years! WOOHOO! Look at that.....amazing when you go to work what happens. You make your own money and get to buy your own things.

PS: I know Michael, it's for bills. But, a girl can dream can't she???

Ok, it is 6:22 am I need to get in the car and get on my way to work!

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