Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Z Pack...

...doesn't that sound like space shuttle talk?
Speaking of, it is due to land back in Florida tomorrow evening. It is always an exciting, albeit, startling experience when you hear the boom.

I digress.

I went to the dr. today, makings of pneumonia and definitely laryngitis. My lungs hurt so badly. I want to cry when I cough. I am going to take excedrin to ease the pain! I have lead a sheltered life the last two years. Boohoo, poor me.

Pity parties welcomed!

Hey ~ head over to my class blog if you want to see what we did today!

Sorry I can not add more here, I am beat and need to get to bed!

Again, all pity parties will be collected and celebrated in the order they arrived!


Rachel said...

Oh no! Start feeling better :(

Just looked at your class blog...LOVE IT! You're such a great teacher~

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised about the near pneunomia diagnosis. Soooo glad you're on medication. Drink lots and real early to bed tonite! Get well thoughts are being sent!! Love,Mom

Carol said...

Yep, I knew what a Z pack was. Sorry you are sick. Be Careful and take care of yourself. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with. Got it once, spent a week in the hospital and 12 bills in the mail to various docs etc that I owed money to after the deductible was met....$2500.

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