Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthdays to Basketball to Present

Life is good, and busy, and full of fun!
I brought home "Froggy" from school. He is the class mascot and needed a bath! Jay took an immediate liking to him and I can't very well blame him!He tells the best secrets and stories about all his adventures with my students at their house on the weekends.
Jacob captured a few shots of The baby and Michael and me. However, we got to laughing about how Michael smiles and that it looks like he has slight constipation. It makes me laugh because he has the most beautiful smile...when someone isn't asking him to smile! :o)
To make it fair, I placed a weirdo pic of me here!

Jacob has been playing basketball for a couple weeks now and he is getting better each week. No points the first week, 4 points the second week. Considering their final score in the second game was 15, he is doing well. hahaha

Jay loves playing outside! He would be outside all day if he could be.
I have been craving two things prior to my birthday. PR's mexican and Starbucks Caramel Macchiato's. I managed to get both in on my birthday weekend!
Jay got to play at Denning Park in Winter Park after we ate. He had a ball!

Then, here is me...on the dreaded 39th!

See how I feel about it here: The Fall Season of my life!

And then I have this precious child to remind me I am young and still alive!
Not to be left alone as a mother for even a second, I had the wonderful pleasure of overseeing Jacob's 2nd science fair project. This year it was about rust! Iodized salt water and regular water each holding a nail. Which do you think rusted first???????
School has been a flurry of learning and native american projects!
Legend water painting:
Book created to hold all of the information we have gathered.
Oh, yeah...then there was that fun afternoon we had Friday before thanksgiving! We did some fun projects!
Turkey Oreo:
Thankful headband:
Turkey Pine Cone:
Oh and another native american project.
The Northwestern Native American Totem Pole:
Oh, yes...Jay loves Froggy!
Might even get him potty trained before going back to school. Froggy that is;Jay has NOOOO desire yet!
Froggy needs fed!
Jay realizing he forgot froggy as he was off to the park!
Playing at the park on the climbing wall.
Down the slide...smiling the whole way and coming out looking like this each time!
Then discovering how fun a fire hydrant can be! I photoshopped a barrier out of the background...could you tell?

Thanksgiving Day is a hop and skip away...Christmas a hop, skip, and jjump away. I asked the children what they wanted for Christmas this year...other than video games! They himmed and hawed. I said, I think we need to get back to the real meaning of Christmas this year...I am getting you gold, frankencense, and myrrh.

Wow! Time does fly. I believe their is like 39 days left in this year.
So much has passed since I last blogged. I suppose I have been busy!

PS: I have a daughter too if your wondering. She doesn't like her pic taken and also the pics I WOULD have, would have her with a sour look on her face as she is going through a phase...which I am working on breaking her of!

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