Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guess who is two!?!?!

This is a huge post and full of lots of things!
Jacob was inducted into the Beta Club (National Honor Society). Jayda was out in full force and fashion. Snacks abounded afterwards...and Jay took Jacob's while he was up getting a spoon. hehehe

Jacob is starting to play basketball. Jay checked out his size 12 shoes.
Michael and Jay haul in two nights worth of fish for our family. They caught some beautiful trout! To bake fresh fish: Preheat to 425*. Dry pat the fish, season. Spray pan with no stick spray. Bake 6-12 minutes. Ours ended up being 10 minutes.
In Ocala, we went to a pumpkin patch. Jay had a ball. Peggy and Jay enjoyed watching his capers. He was non stop...from one place to another!

I came home on Thursday the 29th to find this lovely carved pumpkin. Mike said he did it while Jay napped. I said WHAT???? Wouldn't it have been a better experience if Jay was involved. Mike thought it would be such a mess if he had his hand in the mix. I laughed. But, I think it is the sweetest thing that he made it.
Later that evening, Jay celebrated his 2nd birthday!

Jay loved his cake.

We had his 2 year portraits taken in his Halloween costume. They thought it cute to put him in every background the travelocity gnome was in. I was a bit irritated, the photographer was not very good.

The beach?? WTH?

Anyway, it has been such a busy couple of weeks!

Jay is now two. He is 37 inches tall and 32 pounds. He is doing very well. He has begun to talk in short sentences.
"Mama, its dark outside."
"I want some candy."
Oh yeah, he is a stinking candy and cookie hog. SERIOUS! But he loves his food so I guess it is ok to have a little now and then.

Jacob has scored all A's on his report card and Jayda had a couple of B's and the rest A's. I am proud of both of them!
I will hopefully have halloween photos very soon. I haven't even downloaded them from my calendar from this past weekend!


Carol said...

Nice post. Congrats to Jacob. All I can say is Jay is a HAM!! Nice pics, Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, terrific pictures! Congratulations to Jacob and Jayda on their fantastic grades. Happy Birhtday number 2 to Jay!! We had the best "birthday-Halloween" week-end ever with you all. Love, Mom

rairie said...

Where to start...great pictures, kids doing well, jay turning 2...what a wonderful series of candle blow out pictures...oh I did that ! Wonderful and interesting blog...I downloaded the picture of Jay at pumpkin patch with Jay Peggy and Michael in the background...loved it!

B Rairie said...

Great update. I look forward to hanging out with you guys soon.


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