Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 10: Tallahassee FL

We were up this morning at 5 am wanting to get a jump on the traffic and travel.
Jay went out asleep and in his jammies as he went to bed late.
Stopped nearby at a McD's for breakfast and then scooted out of Memphis.
The trip went surprisingly very well!!!
We stopped to use the restroom and kept driving driving driving.
We stopped in Troy, AL for lunch at a place called Sister's. I wanted to try something that was not a chain, and by golly this was the neatest southern restaurant run by Sisters.
Check it out here!
The menu had 4 choices and no prices...
Beef tips and rice, fried pork chop, fried livers, bbq chicken. Then you were able to choose two sides from:
white peas
potato salad
string beans
fried okra
scallop potatoes
and I can not remember if there was anything else.
The meals were served with fritters and a bun.
I had the beef tips with rice and mike had the fried pork chop. He chose white peas and scallop potatoes. I chose white peas and fried okra. Sweet tea was perfection to wash the rib stickin' meal down!
Jay wandered briefly outside, but it was so darn hot he was ready to get back in the car. At this point, we only had 3 hours to go of the 9 hour total trip.
Just outside of Tallahassee we had to stop and get gas. Believe it...we went from Memphis to outskirts of Tallahassee on one tank of gas...LOVE my new Honda!
Once into the hotel, I immediately took Jay swimming. The pool was outdoor and super duper warm. It was a lot of fun til I spied a mosquito on Jay's forehead. By the time I got there and smushed it, blood splattered across his forehead. NICE! So out we went.
It was around 6:30 when we decided we needed somewhere to eat. So, I asked at the front desk where the best place in town was to eat...she mentioned a bunch of places to us. In particular, a sushi restaurant. It was called Mr. Roboto's. It was a definite collegey hangout kind of place! We ordered the "Roboto", spicy tuna and "Yum Yum" um, I ordered it quickly...some kind of tempura something or other roll, seaweed salad and two mini egg rolls. Jay grabbed up his chopsticks and ate some seaweed salad. Had no real interest in anything else. Next stop, McDonalds for some chicken, apple juice, and apple slices.
I think he has a fever. Mike had to run out and get some children's tylenol(I do not know where the one I packed went...but then again, we have only been in like 7 hotels since our trip started.) Oh yeah, and Mike had to buy some new underwear...he ran out of clean. hehehe
Saw the Florida State University and the stadium, long with the historic capital building. I think we are sleeping in tomorrow and then heading to our next stop to relax a bit. Jay needs to start to get back to normal....and frankly, so do I! However, I repeat....I have had a fabulous time and have acquired so many wonderful memories!!!
Jay's just about out of the tub and I need to go and cuddle him, he is not feeling so great!
Til I blog ya later!

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rairie said...

Wow...I read alot. Loved every word. I sure hope the baby is not sick. Maybe a tooth. Maybe just tired. Maybe he is needing his grandmothers! Tell Peggy and Jay hi for us!

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