Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 11: Ocala FL ~~ Day 12: Kindergarten Class

We left relatively early from Tallahassee to head to Grammy and Grampy's house. Jay's fever flamed all night and luckily Tylenol brought it down, but only for four hours.
We drove through Gainsville and then on down through Mycanopy and several other small towns along the way. Amazing how trees and buildings can be preserved for so long.
It wasn't long and we were in Ocala.
We spent the afternoon relaxing!!! Jay played and I watched him while mike washed the car. Jay was out of sorts as he didn't feel well.
We had a great meal of my absolutely favorite meal...Hamburger and hotdogs. Maybe it is the smell of the grill, or the familiar meal, or even the onion on my hotdog that is so comforting!
As usual, it was the best bed and breakfast out there!!!

Wednesday morning we were geared and set for home. I had to get into my classroom and get it dusted and cleaned before I bring my stuff in. I started on one end and dusted and cleaned. I worked my way from one end to the next...then the task of figuring out how to arrange my room which is like a piece of pie????
Who makes rooms like this????
I met Mr. Senko again. He is our new principal. He is very laid back and has had such positive remarks from everyone. I look forward to a wonderful year under his administration!
There are only 81 children enrolled and 6 Kindergarten Teachers. That is roughly 13.5 children per teacher. Hmmm, too low. One of our K teachers are being considered for 1st grade. That would make 16.2 children per teacher. However, here is the case. Parents wait until the very last minute to get their children enrolled for reasons beyond me. We always end up with 120-130 students every year. However, with the housing market what it is, I do not doubt numbers will be down.
Anyway, I left class yesterday at 4:45 pm with everything clean and organized. I wanted to get bulletin boards up...but no such luck. What was I thinking? hahahaha
Today's agenda:
Get into school, get bulletin boards done, visit the teacher store to get froggy name tags and bulletin board things.
Michael is making a trip to Ocala today to gather up all my boxes from my in-laws garage and bring it to school. Then he must come back out here and get more school stuff from the house. Jay is riding along with his dad!
Tomorrow we go and visit his daycare. I am also going to look into one other one as he is spending more morning time and mike picks him up in the afternoon. I would want for him to have a chance to hear stories, sing songs and maybe paint or color. Rather than just being in a playroom all morning.
Well, that's on the agenda for tomorrow.
So, I wish I could sit and chat for a while longer but I must get through some boxes in the garage and shed.

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