Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr. Mom and other things...

Michael has taken over the parenting role this past week as I have gone in head first at school! I have been home no earlier than 6 pm all week and to tell you the truth, it is catching up to me!

Michael has been getting jay to his school M, W, and soon Friday! He has shuttled children to friends, appointments, girl scouts, school, store, and even grilled chicken and made mashed potatoes for dinner tonight!

Jay was a little whimpery when mike dropped him off at school today. But, when mike went to pick him up Jay kind of walked over and hugged his leg. Then hurried back over to a table upon being called by his teacher. Her son had found a turtle and brought it in to share with the kids!
Mike asked how he did and the teacher said he did fine. She said he is a very happy child!

I have been trying to get in the mind of a first grader and decided it is just like a kindergartners, only a smidge more prepared. It will be easier than I thought...and I always said..."Every year I get them right where I want them, then have to send them off to first!" So, I guess I am in luck!

I got a wonderfully encouraging compliment today from administration on how gracious and professionally I handled my big "change". I guess I pulled off spitting mad with kindness and understanding. I can not tell you how many teachers and administrators alike have said how much they admired me for my attitude. WOOHOO!

No sooner did I hear that but then in our 1st grade meeting, the ASD(autistic spectrum disorder) teacher commented to me that I was highly recommended and highly spoken of in regards to my ability to handle special needs children.

So glad this is the reputation I have established in my professional career. Makes coming back to teaching all that much more rewarding. Although, I can't take full credit. Teaching is my gift.

There is another teacher new in 1st grade too. She is immediately across the hall from me. We have hit it off wonderfully! We are going to plan together. We have very similar teaching techniques and are both equally great teachers. HEY! It's not bragging! Consider it, I know what my gift is!

The first grade team is so wonderful! They never say a mean thing about anyone and are very kind. Sometimes, too kind!

The new principal and assistant principal are out of this world, amazingly awesome, and such compliments to our school that I can't even put it into words. I will say that there is no greater gift for children than for their school to be run by outstanding administration!

The new school is well, NEW! Clean! Smells good!

I have a self contained classroom with more storage space than I can store things great is that??? No it!

This has all the makings of a wonderful year!

WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??? I have yet to take my camera. But I am tomorrow.
Stay tuned. And send some chicken noodle soup or something, I am thinking I might be getting a cold/sick. My glands hurt, head hurts, and my back is killing me.


rairie said...

Great...can I make it tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!!! Lots of cooperation and hard work equals success. So proud of you all....great family effort. Hope you're feeling better,Jessica. Love,Mom

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