Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 3: Danville IL

We awoke at 730 am and hurried to breakfast and finish packing up for our travels today! Breakfast was a carbon copy of yesterday with the exception today our table was a little wobbly. Jay liked that...our glasses of orange juice...not so much!

I had a small bowl of grits(pastey and not as good as Lake Helen's, Mother) washed down with a vanilla latte I made myself with a very fancy machine! I have to say, the cranberry white chocolate macadamia nut scone pretty much pushed me right over into hog heaven!

Michael packed up the car and Jay took the flight of steps in the lobby 15 times...up and down...up and down...up and down....up and get the idea.
He did master taking the steps one foot at a time like a normal human. I suppose he has been born, socialized, fed well, and cared for ~ which under Obama's new czar, John Holdren, constitutes him now being a human. Unfortunately, when the next temper tantrum takes place and I feel like killing him...I can't because he is officially now, at almost two...human.

The GPS got us back on the highway. And we were off. By this time, Michael and I had been spending a lot of time together in the car. We have little time to talk to one another though because I am so busy keeping Jay busy. Today was much more difficult. He realized he can reach into the food box and start helping himself to whatever takes his fancy. The big problem arrived when he grabbed the box of powdered baby oatmeal, opened it, and nearly dumped it. I grabbed it so fast but....UGH! My shoulders and neck were so sore from turning around. We play a simpler version of I spy and he does surprisingly well! I spy a cloud. I spy a truck. I spy a tree. He loves it! Me, not so much...but whatever it takes. During a particularly difficult bout with him he was miserable...and I gave up and started to sing Hush little baby.....and then he quieted... a few minutes later I heard ssshs baby ssshs baby in this tiny sweet voice. Makes him so very sweet and the miles and tears bearable.

Stopped somewhere for gas and Subway for lunch. Nothing spectacular...nothing fancy....nothing to write home about on the blog!

When Mike and I do have a moment to talk to one another, I somehow manage to say something stupid! But it cracks us both up!
Here was conversation one, we are listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio...and this is what he was talking about...He has recently lost a lot of weight and has been working closely with a weight loss clinic in S. Florida. The view and good morning america have been critiquing and criticizing his weight loss. He is eating 1500 calories a day and the naysayers were saying how this diet is so harmful. Well, unfortunately, as many know non rush listeners don't really get him and are negative about him. This negativity has carried over into his weight loss choice and the weight loss clinic is taking the hit in the media's attempt to criticize Rush.
Make Mike Laugh #1: Gees Mike, that's wrong. The clinic is suffering because of this and I suppose that is why he is talking about the diet and putting the facts out there. Can't the diet center sue them for what's that called??? defecation? He just busted out laughing. He says defamation. That's what I meant! Oh, don't laugh at me. He then says...your actually right....Sue them for defecation for talking shit about their diet clinic!!! Made him laugh even harder. Me too!
Oops I said SH*T!
Make mike laugh #2
Later in the evening before bed I was writing an email to my mother in law and I asked Michael are we on mountain time here??? He started laughing...I said, awe don't laugh at me again! He said I am not really laughing at's more like I think about looking around, do you see any mountains???? Oh yeah, well oops again. It has been a long day!

Started at 9:15 and arrived in Danville at 4:15 pm CENTRAL time...not mountain...if you are wondering....hehehehe.

We got into the hotel and immediately took jay to the pool to swim. I was frazzled, Mike was frazzled, Jay was all over the place and happy as a clam!!!! We were in the room 5 minutes and he had gone into the bathroom-he is most interested and fascinated with all of these bathrooms- and pulled the toilet paper all over the floor and flicked the lights on and off on and off.
The pool was awesome and Jay loved it! Back and forth from the hot tub to the pool. It is secluded and away from other parts of the hotel so it was fabulous. The stress of the day just melted away. This next leg of our trip is a bit more laid back and peaceful. We are staying put for a few days!
We quickly cleaned up and headed out to visit Grandpa!
It is in a small town that reminds me of my home town, only all of the houses are small and kind of cottagey looking. It is a reminder of the past when we did not live in such excess with large houses.
I loved the house and Grandpa looked pretty good all things taken into account! His shoulder is still a bit painful and has some trouble sleeping.
Charlie and Kim are taking very good care of him!
It was so much fun meeting them today! I have not had the chance to meet them yet, and they had yet to see Jay in the flesh! Jay was extremely shy when we arrived and hung on my skirt and peeked around from behind my leg...smiling at them the whole time. He totally had them wrapped around his finger with his cute little smile he kept plastered on his face. He climbed behind the chair I was sitting on and I heard some familiar grunting. Then the smell wafted up around my legs and into my nostrils. Lordy Days...we brought a skunk with us and left our sweet child in Chattanooga! That explains the car ride today!

After that, Jay was Jay and he was off and exploring! Even found the bathroom and was just all staring at the toilet...I wanted to tell him, yeah, we all would have benefited had you chosen to use that seat as your pot instead of my seat!
Jay lasted a bout a half hour or more in the house and then I said we had to get him to the hotel and ready for bed.
Out we headed, and Jay discovered the steps. Please refer to yesterdays post should you have questions about stairs!
Up an down and up and down and up and get the idea.
Grandpa came out and watched him a bit longer and at one point he was belly laughing out loud at Jay. I know they have a ROTFL, a LOL, but do the have BLOL??? Did I invent some cool new text message lingo? Am I now "cool"? No, I think not. Maybe even more un cool now...just my luck!
Regardless, watching Grandpa watch his great grandson was worth every last 1,000 and 52 miles it took to get here!
Jay found a clover flower picked it and went running ~YELLING~ "granpa, granpa, granpa, granpa" up the steps and gave it to him. Grandpa said, "such a gentleman!"

Back into the car.....BUT WAIT! I opened the car door and this awful smell wafted out of the car! I mean like horrid! Like something crawled in there and died....maybe a skunk???? We took everything out of the car when we arrived back at the hotel, the only thing we ate in the car was Mike and Jay had wendy's on the way to Grandpa' dirty diapers...WTH????? More to come tomorrow on that mystery!

Sleep came easy this evening for Jay...Tomorrow is another day...
Tentative schedule. Early at Grandpas for a little short visit, and Mike watching the game with Charlie and Grandpa at Gpa's house in the evening. I am bowing out as I am not up for manhandling a little skunk...errr...human being!


rairie said...

Oh how I am laughing. It is about 1035 miles to Reynoldsville with no side trips...about the same to Danville. I love the steps parts. Aren't you glad we still do not live in Reyn. What the heck is stinking? A diaper from here that did not get into the dumpster? The dumpsters they empty at 7 AM! Off to Diva's for lunch. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I loved the "defecation" and "mountain time" parts...sounds so like me, not you Jessica. You've been around me too much!Ha!Seems like you and Mike have such similar backgrounds..good match.I'm really loving these blogs. Hugs, Mom

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