Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip!

We found out Grandpa wasn't feeling so well. A few days later, I suggest that Michael fly up for a few days to visit Grandpa. Hmmm, he asks if he could take Jay along. Hmmm, I do not know if you can handle him alone and have any sort of visit with Grandpa. Then, I throw out the idea, why not drive up and see him. The children will be with their dad and we will not have to make sure they are around for his visitation days. They are going on a road trip to Texas. With no "pressing" matters at hand, other than the dentist appointment I postponed, we decide to go for it.
Thus, the snowball effect began...
Marc had offered us Hilton Honors points for hotel stays. Why not make a trip of it, see the USA???
What??? Mike has credit card points transferrable into gas cards!
Free Hilton's~Free Gas~Free Breakfasts...this will allow us to do some very fun things!
We decided to take a road trip to visit Michael's Grandpa "Red" and allow him to see Jay. Despite the fact that the terrible twos...which I thought started two months ago or so but was sooo wrong...are here! I am like all flabbergasted and confused. I had two children prior to Jay. I know what it is like raising children and the stages they go through. Alas, I have always bragged about my Jayda and Jacob being "not your normal children". They are so good and well behaved and THEN SOME! But this, THIS, TTHHIISSS is like the Incredible Hulk on steroids. So, to all our family members, friends, strangers, people stopping in their tracks and staring at us as if we are the worst parents on the planet...I apologize. He really is a sweet child. hehehe
I am breaking up our trip in days to keep abreast of each day. It is in depth and detailed~with facts no one else probably really cares about else do I tell a story? :o)
Pictures to come later!

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