Friday, August 14, 2009


The simple word bristles the hair on the back of my neck and sends shock waves of fear through my body.
But alas, as awesome as I child needs little people to interact and play with. We were lucky to be encouraged to try out a particular day care. It is very small and nice. The children seem to be very well cared for and it smelled as nice this afternoon when I went back to drop off paperwork as it did first thing this morning. I have met two of the three teachers and feel confident this is going to be a positive experience for him. Michael will be dropping him off about 830 am and picking him up before nap(1pm) the three days he will attend.
When we walked out, I told Jay to stand still I wanted his as I am getting ready he catches a glimpse of the grate and bends over and yells, "HELLO IN DARE"!!! aka, HELLO IN THERE!
One of the questions they asked on the questionnaire and you were to put an X by the options...Is your child easily distracted~well, yes I believe so. However, I believe for a 21 and a half month old, he is probably right at where he needs to be.

Upon reading the requirements as a parent: We realized we would need a lunch box and a small blanket and pillow. A lunchbox??? He is not even two! Oh, but how excited he was to get a lunch box. He walked into Target with us, and touched everything...I mean everything...right down to the three big red cement balls out front! Once we arrived in the lunchbox isle, he ran right to this lunch box and wanted it...because he watches this every day! Actually, he wanted two one for each hand.

Michael absolutely flat out refused...I don't know why.
Mike suggested a camouflaged one and Jay stated ~ matter of factly, NO!
Ok, so off to walmart to look for a better option. Never really happened...Spiderman or Cinderella. WTH???
We opted for a black one that looks just like this one. It will do.

In the process, I realized if I waited a minute later to buy Jake and Jayda's supplies...there would be nothing left! So, we stocked up on all their needs. It is amazing how quickly back packs and supplies add up. The two children still need new lunchboxes as they pack everyday. Theirs had become quite say the least!
So today was a mad scramble, daycare, dr. office, target, walmart, home, dr. office, bank, daycare and home. PHEW!
Tomorrow, I believe my mother and I are going to Daytona to a new restaurant for lunch before I go back to work. I should probably clean the house. Hmmm, let me weigh these in my head...............ok, lunch it is!


Anonymous said...

Lunch sounds soooo good! Have fun,you two!!! Our baby is growing up...lunch box etc. It's so hard to "let go" even a little bit. I know he'll be fine and he'll probably love it....after the first 10 minutes,anyway. Mom

rairie said...
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