Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 8: St. Louis

This morning we were up and had the best breakfast while on the road! The French toast was made with actual French bread….such a perfect touch! The food at the Pere Marquette is absolutely out of this world. Highly recommend it!
St. Louis is the next stop!
Packed up and headed out on the road. We were making our way south by way of a town called University city. This is one of the strangest places I have ever visited. It is yuppy with a twist of ghetto. Strangest area and hard to correctly label. Lots of really interesting restaurants and stores. It also had stars on the sidewalk of famous people from the area.
Our destination was a place called Fitz’s Restaurant. Just outside of St. Louis, It was one of the highlights of the trip! It was everything I had hoped for and then some! We walked in and got our beeper to tell us when our table was ready. We walked over to a big glass where we were able to watch them make rootber and other sodas. Our seat was ready in about 5 minutes in the best spot possible! The food comin gout of the kitchen looked to die for! I ordered a coney dog and onion rings washed down with a homemade rootbeer! DELISH! Like holy smokes ….the best ever!
Back in the car and heading for the St Louis zoo. It was free but you could pay for things inside if you chose to do them like ride a train or go see the sting rays. We opted for none of that and didn’t feel cheated. There was so many amazing animals to see.:giraffes, seals, gazelles, camels, lions, penguins, ducks, bears, cheetah, and elephants…and on and on.
But let me assure you, 97* in St. Louis feels the same as 97* in florida! We were so hot and bothered by the time we left there…
We head into the city to check in to the Hilton at the Ballpark. We wre expecting to have a city view, but lucked out with an amazing room over looking the ball park! Very cool!
Unpack a bit and then head down to the Arch. WOW! You just can’t explain it in words unless you see it in person. The walking area overlooks the Mississippi River. Jay walked and walked, and then napped and napped. He missed Lacleade’s Landing, but truthfully it was just really touristy and the restaurants were dead and it was 6:30 pm.
We headed back to the hotel to the pizza shop, Imo’s in the hotel for some st. louis pizza. The type of chese they use is Provel I believe and it is a very thick and creamy cheese. The pizza crust is thin and the toppings were fabulous, but it was kind of hard to get past the strong taste it has. We were not thrilled with it, but decided the pizza was terrific otherwise and decided we had a little taste of St Louis and that was worth it!
We decided to head over to Cabela’s in a mall type place and chased Jay around there. He is so curious and totally on sensory overload with everything to look at and attempt to touch! As we walked through the mall, he wanted to hold both our hands. Just about every 4th step, he would just quit walking and let his legs drag behind him. Yet, he didn’t want to be carried. Then he would walk and the just crumble to the floor for fun. Yeah, Mike had had enough of all that!
Back to the hotel and showered and cleaned up, and now Jay sleeps soundly. We are all tired today. This was a huge busy day! The best thing about todat, Fitz’s Rootbeer without a doubt.
We had some issues with the GPS lately…when there are a lot of streets to choose from, she sometimes tells us the wrong way. Mike wants to divorce her, but I am insisting she can still be part of the family!
So, for now, I am sure I am forgetting things…maybe I will remember them when I add pictures to all the posts!
Tata for now!

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Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you got to visit STL! I have such fond memories from my trip there :)

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