Friday, August 28, 2009

I made it!

I walked out of the school at 3:20 pm today! woohoo.
But I had to walk back in twice, I couldn't find my cell phone.
I have been to work before 7 am (an hour and a half early) and until almost 6 pm every night. I deserved the break. But all that time has me ready for next week!
But alas, I was home shortly after 4 pm(traffic was horrible). Mike went out and picked up a couple of pizza's. Mmmm, delish! I had dinner all planned out this week. Sunday, dinner at my mothers. Monday, Leftover pulled pork. Tuesday, grilled chicken. Wednesday, chili. Thursday, leftover chili. Friday, pizza!
This weekend we are spending time with the in-laws! Michael's parents on Saturday and then my parents on Sunday! It is the week of Jayne's, Peggy's and Michael's birthday! So lots of celebrating.....
Although, I feel like sleeping! Phew, it has been a crazy week!

Jay is feeling better. Mike is getting the hang of Mr. Mom, but Jayda is keeping him on his toes...or should I say at his wits end. hahaha She is soooo much like me when I was her age! Jake is doing homework...yes on a Friday night....something's wrong with that!!!!!!

Well, it is 6:02 pm and I want to shut my eyes. But we have to visit with Mike's folks. I am taking tooth picks with me to keep my eyes open!


Rachel said...

Good for you for leaving school at an early time!

Hope you enjoyed your pizza night last night!

rairie said...

OMG did you forget to mention that the visit on Sunday with your parents was to partake of steak and all that? Good because what would I have to say in this comment...miss you

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