Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! appears my mother in law was confused by my previous post about how old I am. But, because I was so spoiled this weekend...I will forgive her!

You may be wondering why Jay is crying in my arms...he had just reached out and ripped off the burning #8 candle just as I was about to we had to set it back up and he was TICKED OFF he did not get to have that cake. He was a bit confused as to why he was not smashing this cake as well.....

Did you all notice the cake crumbs on the plate on the left of the picture?
That's because the cake was cut and half eaten! After all was said and done I said, I am not too hurt no one took my picture blowing out my candles. Oh, that started a whole ruckus, let's do it again...let's stage it! We gathered together again and Mike got at the right angle to make it appear as though the cake had not been cut yet. They sang again...horribly off key as per usual Rairie/Carter/Deible singing expectations! But to me, there is no greater sound than family celebrating the life of one of it's finest! Hahahaha I am not too full of myself now am I? I suppose that's what happens when one is as spoiled as I was this weekend!

I am a BIG BIG BIG fan of milking bdays for all they are worth. Dragging it out is one sure fire way to grasp every last instant of gratification! hehehehehe

So, just when you think the party is over, it is just getting started!
Mother calls me while still in Ocala and invites Michael and I out for dinner for my birthday(woohoo!) Michael was not feeling well he has a cold and he begged out and I agreed. Especially when my sweet husband said he would watch Jay!
We headed to wasabi for sushi. While finishing up, my mother said..."how about we go to Rodeo Whip for the biggest F'in ice cream cone!" Yes, my mother said the F word! Can you believe it? It made me laugh! I of course threw caution to the wind and said ABSOLUTELY!!!! Jay has not responded with an eczema outbreak either(double woohoo!)!!! I had Almond Joy Ice cream! WOW!!! Vanilla Ice Cream, Coconut chunks all through, almonds, and dark chocolate sauce swirled throughout! WOWZERS!!!!!
It was a freezing evening and the sunset was amazing as we sat and ate ice cream!

Oh, but wait. That sounds as though the party is over. No no see, the tradition is you get your pick of a birthday meal at my mother's house! I picked fav. But I was overruled with instead a roast with mashed potatoes. I'LL TAKE IT! mmmmmmmmm I bet I get a cake too! This is taking place on Tuesday because we want to celebrate while the children are here! They were at their dad's this weekend!

I would definitely have to say that this is one great way to start my brand new year! Not to mention, I bought myself new underwear for my birthday! Put a fresh clean pair on first thing Sunday morning on my big day! Now, I know so many of you do ultimate exciting things on your birthdays....some travel, some head to exotic outings, some eat at the fanciest restaurants...I myself enjoyed brand new undies!
What can I say, my age has me being practical! Now, the big 4-0 bday. That is the one where I travel with my darling husband somewhere exciting(NOT THAT OCALA IS NOT EXCITING MOM! hehehe)! Honey, start saving, and plan something delightful for me!

Speaking of my husband, look at the card he picked out for the baby to give me! I laughed so hard...

Jay was such a stitch this weekend. He learned to say "no, no, no" this weekend while shaking his head violently back and forth! Cracks us up! He wanted nothing more than to have the remote and totally destroy it! Grampy Jay was constantly grabbing for it as Jay made a beeline for it! He would get within a foot and say, "uh oh" as he reached out for it only to have it snatched away and he would say "no, no, no" and shake his head! He would grab for sodas, glasses, and coffee mugs and always gave you the precurser "uh oh" before lunging!
He was so sweet with Grammy, Grampy and Auntie Jaynie!
He learned how to open the doors and would come and go from the bedroom.
Before the rain and cold cold cold front made its way south we headed out to play and go for a walk. He made it as far as the drive way when he noticed leaves blowing across and he chased them! He had a ball. then he found the grass and a small hill and he kept climbing it and falling over and losing his balance and chased leaves! I said "WOW" and he started to say WOW! That is a new word for him! It was adorable hearing his little voice express his wonder at his new found explorations.

This morning, it was freezing here in Florida! Low 40s! I bundled up and headed over to my mother's for a cup of coffee! It was short lived as Jay was ready for a nap and was being kind of cranky! While I was there, I noticed my mother had a book called Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type. I picked it up and glanced through it. I am excited to see what comes of it. Although, for my bloodtype I am to be more vegetarian...but I LOVE meat! I am A+. That means I am an A+ when it comes to stuff. Hahaha Just kidding. It means my blood has adapted and does well in communities! Michael is Rh-O. Meaning he is O- and carries the best blood that is highly sought after by donors. It also means he carries the oldest known blood type. Michael is stingy with his blood. Although, he did comment that if the market doesn't change he may begin selling his plasma! He makes me laugh all the time!
I suppose this serves as a gentle matter what blood type you have...go out and donate it! It could save a life!
Well, I won't bore you with the details of my grocery shopping trip and how all the folks at the store tell Jay one after another what big beautiful eyes he has. I am teaching him to say, the better to see you with. But he hasn't picked up on it! Just once, I am waiting for someone to say what big teeth he has, and he says the better to eat you with.
Blog ya later!


Anonymous said...

What a blog!!!!! {maybe one of the best,yet} Happy "continuing" B-day! We loved having you here. Love, Mom

rairie said...

You are a stitch...especially when you tried to get all these fine readers to believe your mother said a foul word! The ice cream cone was a fabulous sized one that is what she ment. Tomorrow I babysit and cook maybe no cake afterall!

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