Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open Wide!

It has brought to my attention that I was "forcing" Jay to use the fork in his left hand. The truth of the matter is, I never even thought once or twice about it. At this age, children do not have a preference or strong hand yet. So to ease your fears and minds...I am not forcing either one. It was purely an accident!

I had a dentist appointment today. I love the dentist! Now, ask me that same question about 20 years ago and I would have shuddered!!! Dr. Earley...you absolutely made me hate the dentist office. Although, it is nothing personal...I really liked him as a person....Just dreaded the walk to the office downtown...up the stairs...around the corner, and open the HUGE daunting door and then wait. The smell, the sounds, the dread...made me shudder! I ALWAYS had a cavity! WTH!!!!????
It was torturous! I guess to add insult to injury....the dentist office was just above the 5 and dime candy store!!!! I love candy! Always have...nuff said! hahaha

My mother babysat again!!! Thakn you mother! I sooo appreciate it. I actually told the hygenist that I loved coming to the dentist...it gave me a break! Now how many of you want to go to the dentist for a break????hahahahah

I followed the appointment up with a brownie at my moms DELIGHTFUL!!!!

He is such a good boy for her when she sits with him(although I wouldn't call it "sitting"!!!! She took him for a walk in his stroller, fed him lunch and when I walked in I caught her holding him in her arms and dancing around with him to his delight!

Anyway, I did not have any cavities if you are wondering. But, I do want a refund from Dr. Earley from one of his fillings he put in. It is cracked slightly(but unbeknownst to me and not necessary to do anything yet)! It is probably over 25 years old. Do they have a shelf life? Just kidding, I know that these things happen. Anyway, when it does need replaced...I can have the gas if I need it. The "happy gas". Love that stuff especially when they do the "big" jobs! Luckily I haven't had that in over 7 years!

Just watching the election unfold! I hope you all have voted. Unless it was for the guy I am not for....if so, I am sorry you did! hahaha

It was cool and damp/sticky here today. Unfortunately, not a Floridaish day.

I headed out to the grocery after the children got home from school. Just an FYI...they were playing Christmas music...and I loved it!

I didn't take a single picture today....sorry!

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rairie said...

Wish you would have taken a picture and tried to load it. I am having so much trouble trying to add pictures to my last blog. You are welcome and Jay and I did have a great time together. She did not mention how she was an hour early for her appt.

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