Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Update!

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Today I went and had coffee at my mother's house. Mmmm! Then it was straight away home and work in the house! I am loving getting things done and "fall cleaned"! There is nothing better than a wonderfully clean house where everything has it's own place!
Tomorrow my Mother said she would babysit in the morning so I could actually sweep, dust and scrub everything! It is so hard to do these things with him. He absolutely LOVES the broom and will fight me for it...usually ending with him in a puddle of tears as I always win that battle. To appease him, I will allow him to push around the swiffer on the hardwood floor.
It feels good to get all of my furniture from my childhood home organized and put exactly where I want it! I also hung my letter press box and put my Wades in it.

Baby Jay loves oranges!

When the baby wants my attention or is just "needy", he does bad things. His favorite "bad thing" to do is climb up on the fireplace and turn and look at you! It's not that high, it is just that he doesn't realize when he steps off it he is free falling! He does like to get up and sit here though. You will note his huge smile...his dad had just gotten home from work and he was looking at him. It won't be long now and I will be nothing more than chopped liver to baby Jay when it comes to his dad!!!!


rairie said...

Great photos. I finally got the pictures to attack to mine. I think it was the protected mode in Vista that was blocking. Check out my last two blogs with pic too.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how fast Jay is growing, right before my eyes! Loved the "orange slice" pics! Sooo anxious to see you all Sat. Love, Mom C.

Anonymous said...

i love the blog keep blogging.


Anonymous said...

i love the orange in his mouth. it is so cute.


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