Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday weekend!

Wednesday evening we had a little mishap...

Thanksgiving day was spent at mom and dad's in Ocala. We had a great time and of course ate way too much food. Delicious and they outdid themselves as usual!

Don't you love the baby's bib? That was daddy's idea! A cute one at that! hahahaha
Yes, he managed to get his finger in the pie! Can you believe it???

Of course, a nap was in order!
Isn't that what everyone does on Turkey Day?
Friday, we did this!!!

Oh what fun we had in Bass Pro Shop on Saturday(today). He was fixated on these little lights and it is a wonder he did not break any of them! Bass Pro puts on a huge children's area complete with free photos with santa! Too much fun! Jay got ahold of his first store freedom out of his stroller! He spent the majority of the time chasing around the stroller as he pushed it, and of course any random cart that someone left go of for a moment was moving whichever direction he was going!

Daddy thought he enjoyed the quad runner best of all!
But ultimately, it was the freedom he had that he truly enjoyed!
By the way, a tree is definitely going to be out of the question this is my honest opinion the child would try and climb it!
What a wonderful start to the holiday season!

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Anonymous said...

Such terrific pictures! What a fun day at Bass Pro. Jay's eyes were full of wonder. He's really going to love Christmas! Love, Mom

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