Friday, November 21, 2008

Jay's big step into little boyhood!

First and foremost, before you step into little is important to be sparkling!!!

The next step is to make sure you look dapper and charming. If that doesn't work, just put on your cutest smile!

Then head out into the big city! I would say taking a taxi would be appropriate!

If you feel it important...feel free to put on your super hero cape!

From there on out it is all fun and games!

There you have it...simple as that!!



rairie said...

Oh my how wonderful...the best memory will be when he turned around to show me he was a big boy now with his new haircut. Wonderful memories and archived so well!

Anonymous said...

So, so precious! I can't believe what a difference a few curls can make... What a delightful first haircut experience that was! The pictures were great, the next best thing to being there. What a proud big boy!!!Love, Mom

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