Thursday, November 13, 2008


Life is steamrolling these days!
Saturday afternoon, we had Jay's 1st birthday party with the whole family! It was such a wonderful day and Jay was the picture of perfection! Greeted every guest, sat through lunch and ate with us, opened every present, played with every present, sang happy birthday with us, played with cake just right, even went down for a nap without a fight! It was a wonderful day!

Jay had a wonderful first birthday...thank you to all who made it so special! I am having his portrait done on Monday (after his first haircut which is being insisted upon by hoo boo hoo)so I will be able to include his photo in his thank you!

Sunday, we had dinner with my parents. They had us for a psuedo Thanksgiving meal! It was delicious!!! As we were eating, Jay looked at my dad and says, "Hi Pa Pa"! It was so adorable! It came out real slow, each syllable annunciated! Like he said it every day....however, he hasn't said it again! Random things come out at random times! I am waiting for the day he says, "Damn it, Mom!" I am not saying I am the one who says damn it.....we don't have a hope or prayer of him NOT saying it! hahaha

Monday, I went into work with Michael and I reorganized my boxes to be taken to storage in Ocala at mom and dad's garage. I finished relatively quickly with that and Jay was tearing the place apart by that time...into everything he should never be into! Off we went to lunch and then I dropped Michael off at the office and we went shopping. I was so sore the next day from putting him in and out of the car so many times! But it was a great way to whittle the day away while Michael worked. Most importantly Jay was being busy doing other things!

Tuesday...I told my mother I would take her to lunch for babysitting so much for me the week before. So, we headed out to our favorite japanese restaurant and had some delicious food! Jay slept the whole way through lunch, only waking at the end to eat his own! Afterwards, we went shopping. Jay lasted one store. Or was it me who lasted only one store?????

Wednesday, hmmmm, if anyone wants to refresh my memory, I would appreciate it????????

Today, I was up and to the grocery store and back home by 9:30am. Headed out to my mom's and had coffee at 10 am. It was delicious and I had some brunch there complete with already cut grapefruit. How delicious was that? My parents loved watching Jay eat a grapefruit like he ate that orange last week! Then my mother went with me to Daytona to run an errand that I had to accomplish this week. What a relief to have that out of the way!
I was supposed to meet up with my friend Corey and her two children to go to story time but they were meeting in Port Orange and that's a bit far for me to go! Not only that, but last night was probably the longest night in Jay's history! He wa sup every half to one hour! I do not know if he is cutting teeth or just had a rough night. I do know that I am mentally drained. I have no concept of what agood night's sleep is. I am so sleep deprived, it is a wonder I function at all! I know, this too shall pass, and will be a sweet memory all too soon. I still wanted to boo hoo about it! hahaha
Dad came down from Ocala today and lugged all my teaching stuff up to his garage for storage. They must really love me to do that!!! There are probably easy 20 boxes that needed a new home!

Friday we are going to Ocala to spend the weekend with mom and dad. Jacob and Jayda are with their dad this weekend. My mother and dad will watch the children until their dad picks them up. They are taking them out to eat for dinner...shhhh don't tell the children, they don't know it yet...but boy will they be excited!

I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend and maybe(I said MAYBE) going to go to Griffins to just "look"...Maybe...
I do know it will be nice to spend some quality time with mom and dad so they can get their fill of Jay! Or is it I can get me fill of them? I am not sure, but I do love them so! {Hugs Mom!}

Isn't Jacob growing up so fast!? He is starting to lean out and get taller. He is going to be a giant! A gentle giant! This was Sunday night at my mom's. This was just after we worked on his Science Fair Project all weekend. Which Kitty Litter is most absorbant?

This was Jay playing in his Little people box! He loves the box as much as the toy!
These got in reverse order. His daddy dressed him(haha) and they were going for a bike ride. He just wanted something a bit warmer to put on and this is the quickest thing he could grab!

If your wondering, given the chance, Jay would run away! Hahaha He is like a dog at the door...just waiting for it to open so he can bolt!
How cool is this gift from Aunt Jayne??? It only took about 4 tries to get it right....he kept squishing it through his fingers like his birthday cake. This is an awesome gift! You get graduating tins for ages 1-5. I love it!
Here's Jacob's science fair experiment. Shame we don't have cats! We now have three containers of litter! The interesting thing...while the other two products are "natural" products. They come no where near the absorbancy Tidy cats our conclusion...tidy cats!

I also wanted to take some time to remember Stormie! It has been one year without our Stormie girl. She is greatly missed and it is a little sad today here!

Oh, yeah...and I almost forgot...I am turning 30 this weekend. What, you don't think I can't do math? I was born in 1970...that makes this my 30th birthday!
What you say...."No, you are wrong Jessica! You are older than that!"
I say back, "SHUT UP...I am not your friend anymore!"

So there.


Anonymous said...

We really did have a great day celebrating Jay's birthday. He was sooo sweet! I loved seeing Jacob's project...What an interesting subject!Ha Yes, we all miss Stormie,what a good picture. Thanks for the neat blog. Love Mom C.

Rachel said...

Awww your little guy is getting so big!

Love the Stormie know my love for dogs!

You look so good for 30 ;)

rairie said...

Well I happen to have been there and I can guarantee it was no longer than 27 years ago as I am only 27 and I know I was not quite 1 when you were born. Wed was Rain at the Flea Market Day!~ and the lady with the spaghetti strap white top who should have never worn it that way and especially in a rain storm!

Anonymous said...

By the sounds of it, my dad would have loved to have been at market today. Love the family updates. Tonight was "stamp camp", at the senior citizen center in DuBois. Made me think of you. We made Christmas cards. Miss you guys, amy

Anonymous said...

Well if you're only 30, then that makes me only 31? I was thinking about Stormie this week too. I thought the 1 yr anniversary was sometime this week. I have a ton of pics from Jay's party too. I will have to print them out for you and Deb/Harv. Love, Jayne.

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Jay is getting so big, and while he gets older you get younger, tell me your secret;) Happy Birthday !

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