Monday, November 3, 2008

FORK it over!

Jay has become interested in his baby fork. You will note that he does not do more than take it to his mouth and eat it. But, he enjoys that.

Today we did it again and he tried forking his plum but couldn't get it, it was kind of slippery for him. I had to pry it out of his small, slimy hand!

I have been working to get this house spring...err...fall cleaned. So far, just my scrapping area! I can't keep up with Jay! He is BUSY! Cracks me up half the time! Anyway, up from his nap...I gotta run!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! It's so neat to see "the firsts" Love, Mom C.

rairie said...

So the fork is better than an adult one. Miss you.

rairie said...

Do you think he is left handed? He is trying to feed himself with the right and you have the fork in the left???

Anonymous said...

I vote that he is left handed. Like me and Cole. Yeah! I have decided that my house is like my oven: "self-cleaning". Neither one is doing a very good job. How can one person have so many hobbies and a clean house? I wouldn't be the one to answer that question. Later, Amy

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