Friday, October 31, 2008

Life is FAIRly exciting!!!

Jay had his 1 year doctor visit Thursday morning at 9:30 am. Michael held off going to work so he could go with me to take the baby. Jay is smarter than the average bear...he started to get very upset when the nurse insulted him by holding him still and measuring his head...and it was all down hill from there. Getting him stripped down and weighed and measured and checked was all accomplished through loud cries of protest and humiliation!!!! Then the nurse had to go and get the three shots! That was it, he layed there for the few seconds prior to shots not to bad...and then he was pricked and howling!!! I scooped him up and he held on for dear life! We are required to return on Dec. 3 at 9 am for his second dose of the flu shot. I bet he is really excited. Unfortunately, they have those paper covers of the doctors tables. It has become the trigger of the very bad memories for Jay.
On a positive note, Jay weighed 25.1 pounds, he is 32 1/2 inches tall, and doing very well according to the doctor. We discussed trying to begin soy milk and how much he hates it. The doctor recommended red meat and green leafy veggies, along with three tums a day for calcium. He said he will be perfectly fine with that. He loves those things so it should not be a problem! PHEW!!!
He responded well to the shots and has not been fussy at all. Although with the chicken pox shot, we need to watch in two weeks for a response to that shot.
Jay has ushered in his first day towards his second year of life exploring. He loves to go go go. He just starts walking and doesn't like to stop. When he gets an idea where he wants to be, he does not stop. Much like inside the home when he goes for everything he is not supposed to have, he carries this trait into the outside world. He loves to walk straight for the street and for grass that is loaded with anthills!!! He loves grass and playing in whatever he can find! This was a fun Thursday afternoon for him. I let him play out in the grass for a long time!

Jacob got home from school at 4:00 pm and we immediately headed over to Mommom and Papa's house to get ready for the fair. Once we arrived at their house, they had tricks or treats for the children! Jay-a box of teddy grahams, Jayda-a box of flipside crackers, Jacob- a package of chips ahoy! My children do not care for candy too much. A little here and there and they are happy! So these were perfect ideas!

I had been out Thursday afternoon to the store to get Jayda a new pair of jeans. Somehow, when putting baby in the car his shoe fell off...unbeknownst to me. I went home and on the way Jay had pulled off his sock in the car. I had assumed he had pulled his shoe off before that. I got home from getting Jayda and life went on as usual...getting baby ready to go to the fair, I realized I didn't have his shoe. So I began to wonder if it was at my mother's house. When it wasn't, I thought hard and remembered putting baby in the car and remembered hearing a small thud and never gave it a second thought. The store parking lot was our last resort. Lo and behold, there it was...someone had slightly moved it where it would be safe and I was able to get it. Safe and sound!!! was those very first pair of shoes I had told you about before...hahaha!

Off we went, to the fair and here we are beside an old tractor! Then it was off to have some delicious, albeit, unhealthy FAIR FOOD!!! I had a steak sandwich, some fried chips, and a soda. It was 14.50! Can you believe it???? It was delicious!!!!!

Jay had some steak from my sandwich.

The children were given 5 tickets a piece for 5 rides. We took our chances with the rides and there was not a single problem. They had a BALL!!!!
Jay loved watching them and would call out in a loud voice, "yayda!"

Jacob has his arms in the air. This is the children's fav ride by far!
Jayda's in pink and Jacob is beside her!

This ride was WILD!!! It went so fast! I mean unbelieveably fast!!!!

Again, we all enjoyed the ride portion of the fair!
No fair is complete without a strange man pushing a monkey around wearing matching outfits!!!

Jayda had a fun day at school on Friday!!! It was pumpkinology and I actually had a chance to go and assist the teacher in her endeavors. However, I got stuck helping another teacher and didn't get to spend too much time with Jayda, but I had a ball anyway. I couldn't help it...everytime the children would raise their hand for the teacher, I felt a compulsion to go and answer their question. It was a little hard being the helper and not the teacher!!! Then after I finished helping that teacher, I scooted outside and caught up with Jayda as she scooped the guts out of her pumpkin and began to count the seeds!

It was a ball...and I couldn't have done it had my mother not babysat the baby for me. She sat from 8:30-12:30. Can you believe it??? He was an ANGEL! H ate breakfast with her and then they played for a while. Mommom had to clean 18 eggs to make deviled eggs for a party tonight. Jay sat at her feet in the kitchen and played with a tie string on the bottem of her capri pants the entire time! She thought it would be a good time for a walk so they went out in the stroller about a mile and a half. He had fallen asleep towards the end and then Mommom put him down for an almost two hour nap. I came back to her house to find him playing on the floor with his tonka truck. When he saw me, his eyes got the size of saucers and he got up(that cute way baby's do) and scooted over to me as fast as he could and hugged me close and then played with my necklace. He sat on my lap for some time before he was ready to go and play some more! So sweet and so good for me, him, and my mother! He was so good for her and that was a relief that she wasn't miserable while I was away!

Thanks again mother! Your deviled eggs tasted awesome by the way.

Well, my day was not finished yet! I had to drive over to Daytona to get my car from the Saturn dealer! My mother drove the saturn home and I had the Tahoe so I do not know how the car is responding yet. But I am glad things are fixed!

The children are with their father this weekend and left about 6 pm to go to a go kart, ride, and game place their church had rented out for the evening. We did absolutely nothing in regards to trick or treating. Jay's too young. We didn't turn on our light as there are no children in our neighborhood near us or we know so I wasn't inviting anyone. Last time I did it, I had more teens and high schoolers in packs than I felt comfortable with. Unfortunately, trick or treating is not what it was when I was a child. So lights are out, our political sign is pulled out of the yard and I hope no children egg our cars....I will be glad when halloween is over tonight.

Now, let me be the first to say, it is time to usher in the holidays. You know what I am talking about. I saw at the store Wednesday Christmas stuff being rolled on out and stocked on the shelves! AAAACK!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone and eat some chocolate for me.


rairie said...

Wow it sounds like a fun time and a fun family. You know the video made me look 10 lbs heavier right!?The eggs must have been okay, all 31 gone in a heartbeat. I did try one. Whats for dinner tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

The next best thing to being at the fair would be reading your blog and seeing the pics and video.....and that is what I got!!!! Thanks for giving me the "fair spirit". It was fun seeing Jacob and Jayda on the rides. I could almost taste the funnel cake, but not quite!ha! Glad Jay's checkup went well. Loved hearing the good report.Love,Mom C.

Anonymous said...

I forgot.......What a true miracle to have found that precious little shoe, it was! Don't ya just love my sentence structure? Love,Mom again!!!

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