Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Movin' Day!

My camera was forgotten at my parents house this pictures will come tomorrow!
This afternoon I completely rearranged the house and cleaned out a bunch of the babies toys! I scrubber the floor and dusted the house.
Then my parents pulled in about 330 pm and we unloaded the truck into the house! It went very quickly! The dining room set, couch, dresser, sewing machine, .....and on and on all fit perfectly!
My parents are "super parents"! The emptied my childhood home in 7 days...drove to FL from PA in 2 days...with a stop over night in NC to visit Bryan and Stacey....they stopped at their house and emptied some things out and made room for two twin beds that were new from their house here so they could move in their king size bed from PA...unloaded here...headed back to their house and unloaded a complete bedroom set and the heaviest stuff BY FAR...then we headed out to Stavro's for dinner...we came home and in a few minutes my parents show up again because they forgot to bring some stuff...and they help put our dining room table together and the hutch together! Can you believe it??????????/ Me neither! I swear they are super heros!

If i know them...they went home and probably put their bedroom together over there!

Well, coffee in the morning at my mothers! YAY!
I will add some photos tomorrow's post!
Have you checked out my other blog lately??? I have my high school photos scrapped! Too funny....

Here's one photo I will leave you with today...

Blog ya later!


rairie said...

Of course we had to put all the furniture away last night. What do you think we are getting lazy in our old age? LOL We are still working on the crates and boxes from PA house. Trying to put lots in here. We are happy to just be home...Dad is taking a nape at 3:20 on a Thursday afternoon. Think he may just be worn out? He is amazing!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone has earned a day or two of rest! How great to have all of that wonderful furniture. So glad to know that Deb and Harv are safely home. Thanks for keeping me posted. Love, Mom C.

Anonymous said...

Loved all the memories we have all shared in the reynoldsville house...Christmas in November (due to the upcoming December trip to LV), birthdays, garage building progress and party, family reunions, and bulldogs. Looking forward to having some wonderful Florida memories. Please keep blogging girls. I need my weekly (if not daily) rairie fix. We love and cherish all of the family heirlooms that have been passed on to us. Love Amy

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