Monday, October 6, 2008

A bicycle built for two!

It was super windy when I was riding and my hair was blowing in my face!
I need to be riding this bike alot's time to get my prebaby body back. But with the trouble I have with Mastitis I am unable to even walk a distance without getting it???? So just know I will let you all know when I am done nursing and can once again be back to being that young hottie I remember so fondly!!! hahaha

Saturday night Aunt Candy and Uncle Gordy had dinner at my mother's house. After dinner, Jay and Aunt Candy were playing "boo" with each other. She would say boo and he would run and giggle. She and I started to carry on a conversation---but Jay was not done! He would run over to her and say "boo" and run away giggling! He did it about 7 times in a row. Cracked us up!
Sunday, he went over to my old cell phone I let him play with and he said, "Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!"
What??????????{I was floored.}
I tell you he blows me away every day!
He is after all-only 11 months old!
Now, mind you...he speaks when he wants to not on demand!
He is beginning to mock syllables although they may not sound like what I said...but he is repeating the syllables. Good start!
He can sign "all done" and I taught him "more" yesterday. Although, he did it several times while I was feeding him. He had no interest today to do it!
His brain is always working.
Plus, he is turning into a climber. The fireplace is his favorite hurdle!
He buzzes around Mommom's house and knows all the "no no" places. Loves to walk around and around the dining room table!

Mother gave me an early birthday present! Versa Mark ink, cute fish stamps, chalk and her prismacolor colored pencils! Thanks so much mom I love it all!!!
My cousin Amy also sent me some old photos and some scrappy goodies! Thanks Amy!!!

Jayda and I are working on her first girl scout badge! "Rocks Rock"! She needs to study the three types of rocks and do 6 activities that deal with rock collecting and rock knowledge. She loves rocks, so this should be so fun for her! Our goal is to be done by next weeks meeting so she can present her work. (PS for those of you who forget what girl scouts was is more educational than I remember!) They are able to pick and choose the badges they work on! Fun!
Her camp is going to cost 23+15 dollars at the end of October. We discussed her earning the money to go...she asked me this evening if she could scratch my back 8 times a day til camp could she go. I said hmmm, I will think about that! LOL Once is really enough...okay maybe twice!

TUTORIAL: (For my family members!)
There are days I spend over two hours creating this blog and then my mother is the only one that comments or tells me hi! I feel like I am talking to myself half the time...which truthfully this is so I never forget the wonderful things going on in our lives not so much for others...but you all benefit as well! That is if you are truly into reading about the crazy things in our life! I am glad you do and happy you care enough about us to read!
How much more fun for me would it be if you were to reply and tell me how much you liked, hated, were bored out of your brain, or just post your own random comment about what I have to say! Maybe you want to know about something I haven't written...I'd be happy to answer your question.
So your tutorial this evening is HOW TO LEAVE A COMMENT!
It is so easy peasy you will be amazed!!!

Here we go:
1. Put your mouse on the bottom of the post where it says CLICK HERE! and click!
2. It will pop up a window that says "This page contains both secure and insecure items. Do you wish to display..." You can click yes or no. I always click no.
3. On the right side you will see a comment box. Start to type in the box and tell me how amazing I am, or how great I am, or what an amazing mom I am. Ok, type whatever you like! Then sign your name so I know who you are!
4. When you are done, scroll down and it will give you alot of options for you to click in a box. If you are a blogger you will know what to do. If you are not a blogger, click anonymous!
5. Click on "Publish Your Comment".

Thanks for your comments!


luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

You are a dork with your tutorial ;)...but still love it....You remember school days and the sheer craziness of it all...barely have time to read blogs let alone comment...but do read them....My nieces do sign language and when the 3 yr old was a baby she would give me the signs and I was a well trained auntie..they are even learning it in Kindergarten....Talk to you later

Anonymous said...

Its your cousing Kelly and I look foward to reading your blog everyday to see what fun I am missing out on! I am excited to see you next week!

jessicamae3 said...

Yay! Hi Kelly! Thanks for the comment!
I can't wait to see you too! You need to move to Florida!

rairie said...

This is the A one commenter and I loved having a blog to read. Will babysit on Thurs. I need to download the baby pics I took today so you can share them. We sold the house!

Anonymous said...

This is just a test, this is only a test. Jayne

Heather Prins said...

you are so bad, lol!

Anonymous said...

You are both amazing and great! You know that I love your blog.....Your hair looks fantastic! Mom C.

jessicamae3 said...

YAY!!! Mom you did it!
This tutorial was for you...hehehehe I knew you could do it! You are becoming so computer literate!

Anonymous said...

Loved your tutorial! I needed it, thanks! I also love reading your blog. So glad Aunt Deb has returned to hers. Cole likes the music Jacob selected for his blog (anything Star Wars)! After school I look forward to reading your blog. Right now I should be making dinner. Oh well, another night of take-out. Miss you, Cousin Amy

Anonymous said...

Ok now I am made such a stink about no one reading your blog or commenting however we all do and have made our comments...yet you make us wait 4 days for an update! Whats up with that??? you must be cleaning getting ready for your cousins visit..Kell

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